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  • black friday statistics.

    Black Friday VS Cyber Monday Infographic

    Nov 20, 15 • 97 Views • Christmas, LifestyleNo Comments

    Christmas time is just around the corner.Yay! But wait, that means it’s now time to start thinking about what amazing presents you’re going to get for your friends and family. And then actually buying them. Boo! Of course it’ll all be worth...

  • Fashion through the ages

    Fashion Through the Ages 2000 – 2015

    Oct 28, 15 • 135 Views • Fashion, Humour, LifestyleNo Comments

    The year 2000 was a fantastic year for fashion, yes really! In the year that Justin Timberlake was still dating Britney Spears and a fresh faced skate girl called Avril Lavigne burst onto the scene, the style trends were fun and completely dictated by pop...

  • 5 Unique Ways of Saving Money

    5 Unique Ways of Saving Money

    Oct 11, 15 • 183 Views • Lifestyle, Saving MoneyNo Comments

    As we approach the Christmas season, most families are starting to panic about the amount of money they need to save to make the most of the festive period. Saving money can be tricky, especially if you are trying to battle the rising cost of school...

  • Healthy Workplace Snacks

    Healthy Workplace Snacks

    Oct 8, 15 • 147 Views • LifestyleNo Comments

    When you’re sat at your desk all day, it can be difficult to adhere to a healthy diet. From the allure of the vending machine, to the unhealthy meals that you can pick up at the canteen, sometimes convenience really does play a big part in our diet. If you...

  • 2015 Fashion Trends

    A Review of 2015 Fashion Trends

    Oct 7, 15 • 146 Views • Fashion, LifestyleNo Comments

    We may not be at the end of the year yet, but 2015 has already seen some of the most exciting fashion trends of the decade. From the celebrity style spots to catwalk creations, we’ve looked about over the last 9 months to find our favourite fashion must...