Cute Animals Online – The Infographic

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Within hours of appearing online, the new moon walking pony advert from Three was shared over five hundred thousand times. Currently enjoying its status as the most viral clip on the internet, it has even overtaken the Harlem Shake for amount of views.

So as the tagline suggests, we think it’s safe to say the silly stuff really does matter. Especially when the silly stuff is animal related that is. Of course we all love a cute animal; but what do we love even more? A cute animal doing something funny of course!

From ticklish sloths to leaping guinea pigs, the world wide web is awash with endless videos of all creatures great and small, whether they are animated, exotic, or just plain adorable.

With this in mind, My Voucher Codes decided to delve a little deeper into the phenomenon, to discover some surprising statistics about our relationship with the internet’s famous furry friends. In a poll of 2,300 social media fans, we found out just how much time us Brits spend (or waste, depending on your perspective) watching these kinds of videos online, which type of animal we go craziest for, and who can crown themselves the most popular of all time.

For the low-down on our animal obsession, check out our animal infographic explaining all!

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