What Barbie Would Really Look Like Without Makeup?

Apr 9 • Entertainment, Lifestyle • 6717 Views • 7 Comments

A viral image of Barbie without make-up got me thinking: is this what Barbie would really look like without make-up? Ken is a pretty good looking doll. So, surely Barbie without make-up can’t be too different.

Sure enough, Barbie still looks pretty, even au naturel…

The viral image was an exaggeration, which got a lot of people talking. However, it was an exaggerated image which was not based on the real characteristics of the doll.

The real Barbie without makeup brings up a new point: if Barbie can look good without makeup, why doesn’t Mattel make dolls with a more natural look?

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7 Responses to What Barbie Would Really Look Like Without Makeup?

  1. [...] heard from Nickolay Lamm, who created new “Barbie without make-up” images and says: A viral image of Barbie [...]

  2. Realmente um viral, mas um viral desconstrutor bacana. Parabéns Nickolay e sorte em sua startup, comungamos do mesmo objetivo!

  3. [...] Image credit goes to Nickolay Lamm / [...]

  4. [...] opinião do artista e pesquisador Nickolay Lamm, esta versão da Barbie é um exagero. Então ele foi lá e mudou o ângulo da brincadeira: rosto menos embarangado e com mais removedor [...]

  5. Jenie says:

    The viral image to me says that women look like crap without makeup; it does the exact opposite of what you have done. Props to you.

  6. [...] without make-up (reportedly created by Eddi Aguirre), artist and University of Pittsburgh grad Nickolay Lamm has made an impact dissecting iconic girlhood [...]

  7. [...] up to, especially by teenage girls. First came Nickolay Lamm’s depiction of a plain Barbie without all that makeup. Then Lamm took it a step further, depicting a Barbie Doll with the average measurements of [...]

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