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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Gifts Like a Pro


We’ve all been there, the whole family’s round for the annual Christmas get-together and Dad’s asleep in the chair. Your uncle hands over an inappropriately large box for someone you only see once a year. Mum gives you a nervous smile as you tentatively peel back the wrapping paper and your brother’s got the camera ready to capture all the weird in all its glory. The penguin paper falls away and…it’s a faux animal skin lamp because, you know, you’re a vegetarian, like he’s apologising for it not being a real. Cheers Uncle Damien ya odd ball, that will look great at the back of the attic where it will one day come back to life and claw at the ceiling above my bed. If that sounds chillingly familiar, you need our guide to getting rid of unwanted gifts.

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Excuse Me, Returns?

It’s not all weird gifts you’d rather forget, sometimes it’s mum not quite hitting the mark with your style. It’s not a bad jumper and she put thought into it because she loves you very much, but it’s not you. When she says the receipts in there and flashes those sad eyes at you, don’t fall for it. Send it back and sort yourself out with something you can’t wait to throw on.

One of the only positives of shopping in the time of Covid is the ASOS returns policy is on point. And now that we’re in the festive shopping season, extended returns are in play. Most places give you until the end of January to ship back anything that misses the mark.

It’s not just ASOS either. Since the coronavirus pandemic started, delivery deals and extended returns have become the norm. If you get something you don’t fall in love with, get your phone out and check where you stand.

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No, That’s Not a Re-Gift

Re-gifting is an art that’s not to be underestimated. It takes tremendous attention to detail to remember where everything came from and where people might spot things. But if you get it right, it’s arguably the best way to get rid of a gift that is going to end up in a cupboard catching dust. The brand-new slow cooker you Dad bought from AO.com still brings joy to someone, you don’t have another appliance taking up the last bit of chopping space in your tiny kitchen, and everyone goes happily on with their lives.

The key to re-gifting is forward thinking. It’s fine sending your mums figurine down the road to your sisters living room, but as soon as they sit down for a cuppa, you’re in for it. You’ve got to be smart about where your gifts go. If 15 seasons of Criminal Minds has taught us anything, it’s that connections take people down. There’s no reason for you mum to end up in your mates living room, is there?

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Make the Best of Unwanted Gifts 

If you’ve recently moved into a new place this Christmas, you can count on getting bits of furniture and home accessories from every family member this year. It’s an easy gift option. Most of it will be useful, but there’s always something that’s a bit out there. These are the kind of home décor pieces that you won’t find at Dunelm, mostly because no one wants them.

Whether your siblings try and be funny with a hideous figurine or a well-meaning aunt gives you a less than lovely chair, you can make something out of it. Upcycling is incredibly popular because it lets you unleash your creativity and produce something you love to have around the house. You can get crafty and test your skills to turn an old piece into a fresh new look. You can even give it new life as something you can live with, or it can be passed on with a disguise so ingenious it could end up back at the aunts house with her none the wiser. Nf

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 Season of Goodwill

Sometimes there’s no saving things and they are what they are, and that’s not for you. Thankfully, the world is made up of all sorts of folks and no matter how hideous you find that novelty tea pot, some tasteless soul will think it’s the best think since pyramid bags.

Giving away those unwanted gifts to organisations that help people makes for wins all round. There are countless causes out there and after a tough financial year for millions of people, your donations will be appreciated. Not only will you be doing something fabulous, but if the original gifter finds out you got rid of their prezzie, who can be mad at the kindhearted soul that gives to charity.  

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Make That Money

There’s no shame in selling something you got as a gift. Okay, maybe there’s a little bit of shame and it’s best not to go bragging about how much you got for it, but if you’ve already got something, why keep it? You can even sell the one you already had if it helps you sleep at night. You’ll get more for the one still in a box though, just saying.

Be discreet about it and you’ll get the best gift there is, cold hard cash. There are countless apps, sites, and services that will help you make some money out of your unwanted gifts this year. If you’ve never expressed a desire to get fit and some cheeky sod gives you Nike gym wear this year, meh, cash in because apparently that exercise thing is quite popular, and they deserve it.

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Bin the Unwanted Gifts

This option is always seen as somewhat of a failure, but if there’s no other way and you can’t bear to keep that carcass lamp in the house, there’s always the bin. This is usually reserved for small things that didn’t cost much and won’t be missed. It’s safe to say that if they shopped at Currys, it is not for the bin.

There are some gifts that won’t be missed though and if you can’t get creative with them, they won’t be alone if they end up on the side of the road. Make sure you check your council’s collection days.  You don’t want to be left with something stinky in the garden for days on end.

We hope you get everything you want from Santa this year and you get to spend time with loved ones, eat and drink too much, and generally do Christmas right. But in 2020 things rarely seem to go to plan and if you get lumbered with something all weird and no wonderful, remember there’s always a way to get rid of unwanted Christmas gifts with upsetting your family.

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Ever since the birth of his first child, Ashley has been trying to squeeze a little more out of every penny. Three years and another child later, he's a dab hand at finding a deal and getting things done for less. Whether you need help planning a budget friendly family day out, or saving on all things home, he can help you out.


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