Trending Exercises & Fitness Activities To Try This Season

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Exercise, exercise, exercise! The three words that nobody wants to hear, yet it’s so important we take care of our bodies and minds. Gyms are expected to open back up sometime soon, but for all you fitness lovers who aren’t comfortable with returning to a public gym just yet, home workout activities are the way forward! They’re inexpensive, easy to do, and more convenient in the comfort of your own home.

Exercise and fitness has never been as important as it is now, so get moving! Check out these 5 trending exercise and fitness activities you must try this season.

Skip Your Way To Fitness & Health

How does Skipping work?

Skipping is an activity in which one or more participants jump over a rope swing, so that it passes under their feet and over their heads. More advanced versions of skipping include using multiple skipping ropes, participants and different skipping styles such criss-cross and side swing to vary the skipping exercise style and intensity. 

What are the health benefits?

It’s one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise and fitness activities you can possibly do.  Skipping boosts your cardiovascular fitness and increases leg strength and stamina. It also improves coordination, balance & agility. It’s considered to be a really simple yet effective full-body workout – and what makes it even better is you can start by skipping at home in your garden or outside in your local park. Why not shop at NIKE and JD Sports for the latest styles in skipping ropes and sports equipment.

Get Spinning & Exercising By Hula Hooping

How does Hula Hooping work?

Hula hooping is a great fitness activity in which one places a Hula Hoop around their upper abdominal area. The aim of the exercise is to stop the hula hoop from falling to the ground by keeping it up using your core strength, coordination and agility. This can be a challenging exercise but if you can master it, it can be lots of fun! Who said exercise and fitness has to be difficult!

What are the health benefits?

Hula Hooping is one of the few exercises that genuinely makes people smile! Hula hooping helps to burn fat, tone your body as well as increase your fitness levels, coordination and flexibility within your spine.
If you’re looking to spin your way into fitness heaven with some super comfortable and breathable sportswear clothing, why not browse the latest collections at Adidas and Under Armour for the latest offers on big sporting styles.

Breathe In & Get Fit With Floor Yoga

How does Floor Yoga work?

Floor Yoga is not only good for your fitness & exercise levels – it’s great for your peace of mind too! Floor Yoga consists of a series of body stretches and movements to help relax muscles, strengthen your core and tone your body overall. 

What are the health benefits?

It improves balance, builds strength and prevents back pain whilst also supporting joint health. Other physical benefits include weight reduction, increased cardio and circulatory health and increased flexibility and mobility. The good news about this home workout is that you don’t need any expensive equipment, simply a yoga matt or a wrapped up towel and a bottle of water! Stretch your way to good health in very comfortable and practical yoga clothing from the likes of Dance Direct and Very shop here for the latest in yoga clothing & active-wear.

Stay Fitness-Focused With Circuit Training

How does Circuit training work?

Circuit training is a form of body endurance training or resistance training using high-intensity aerobics. The purpose of circuit training is to target  and improve strength building and muscular endurance. A “circuit” is one completion of multiple set exercises in an activity. 

What are the health benefits?

The health benefits are endless when it comes to circuit training. It improves cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance, it also kick starts your metabolism, physically challenges your whole body and gets you leaned and toned. Circuit training is lots more fun when you train with a partner and when you have all the fitness equipment you’ll need. Explore and shop the latest exercise equipment from brands such as JTX Fitness and Sports and Leisure UK

Bounce Your Way To Health With Trampolining

How does Trampolining work?

The traditional trampoline jump is very simple; bend your knees, spring through your feet and your arms come up & out in front of you, then straight up in the air above your head. Maintain a straight body and position so when you land, all you need is a small bend in your knees. Repeat this movement varying the speed and the height of your jumps to make it more challenging!

What are the health benefits?

Trampoline exercising is so fun you may not feel the health benefits! They include a boost to cardiovascular health, improve endurance, and target strength building in your back, core and leg muscles. It also tones and firms your arms, neck and glutes. Looking for a home trampoline that you can jump your way to fitness on? Why not check out the latest exercise equipment range and discount offers at ProForm and Argos to find the trampoline that’s just right for you!

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