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Your Six Weeks ’til Christmas Countdown


If ever there was a time to spread the Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to here, it’s 2020. With floods, coronavirus, and turbulent social issues, this will go down as one of the toughest years for decades.  The festive season is perfect for getting together with all the family and forgetting about the 2020 struggles. To help you make the most of Christmas this year, we’ve put together this handy checklist. Want to know when to order your food shop? The best place to pick up the kids toys this year? Or when to send out your parcels? Welcome to your six weeks ‘til Christmas countdown.

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Food Christmas Countdown  

I don’t know about you, but food and drink play a massive part in our celebrations. Is it even Christmas Day if you’re not having a class of cava at eight in the morning? Are you doing it right if the meat sweats don’t kick in and you still eat all the strawberry and orange creams in the Quality Street tin that’s definitely got smaller this year?

Retail experts are predicting a massive increase in the number of customers taking their Christmas lists online this year. Smart shoppers will get in early. That means you’ll need to get organised and be ready when the pre-orders are released. Make your list, check it twice and picking up everything, naughty and nice in one big shop will save you time and money by keeping you focused. Book you delivery date as close to the big day as possible. When demand is high, you can guarantee your dates on the veg will get shorter and no one wants a sprout on the edge. To keep you at the front of the queue, we’ve included the delivery release of the biggest stores.

Christmas Delivery Release Dates:

Tesco: November 13th for Delivery Saver Scheme customers and 7am on 20th of November for everyone else.

Sainsburys: Christmas deliveries will be available from the 29th of November. Delivery Pass holders will get early access to delivery slots.

Asda: Christmas delivery slots are available now and being booked up fast.

M&S: Marks and Spencer run a Click and Collect service to pre-order your Christmas shop. There are dates and times available up until the 24th of December.

Morrisons: Morrisons are yet to announce their Christmas delivery dates, but you can secure your collection for the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of December with a £20 deposit.

Waitrose: Slots for December 20th -24th are available now. Other slots up to the 19th will be released as usual.

Suggested Food Shopping:

Marks & Spencer: https://www.myvouchercodes.co.uk/marks-and-spencer-m-and-s

Morrisons: https://www.myvouchercodes.co.uk/morrisons

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Pick Up Those Prezzies

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a pile of presents neatly wrapped under the tree and no Christmas countdown worth it’s candy canes could forget them. Okay, maybe the neat part is a stretch but it’s the thought that counts, not your wrapping skills. Like your food shop, you’re going to want to start your Christmas shop early to ensure everyone gets what they want from Santa. But with if you’re moving into virtual shopping, where’s the best place to click?

Gifts for Kids

Picking up the most wanted kids toys can get expensive, but if your smart about where you shop you can fill those stockings without putting yourself in debt for most of next year. The Argos 2 for 15 and 3 for £30 toys promotions are superb for filling the space under the tree with top toys and their favourite characters.

Gifts for Her

If you want to fill her stocking with presents she’ll actually use this year, take a bit of time to sneak around the house and check out the products she uses. Does she use a particular foundation, favourite perfume, or is she particular about her brand of hot chocolate? Once you’ve compiled your list, shopping is easy and you know she won’t be taking note of your poor gifting game. Usually you can pick up everything in one big shop because places like Boots and Debenhams run 3 for 2 offers that span fancy beauty, foodie gift sets, and novelty stocking fillers.

Gifts for Him

Whether he’s into sports, gaming, tech, or all of the above, you want to hit the Black Friday sales. These days every shop gets in bonanza as shoppers clamber to grab a bargain. This means there are incredible savings all over the shop and you can get the gifts he’ll love without blowing the budget. Make sure you checkout our Black Friday Tips  post to find out how to get more out of the sales event and head over to the Black Friday Countdown  to catch all the best early deals. Suggested Gift

Suggested Gift Shopping:

Argos: https://www.myvouchercodes.co.uk/argos

Boots: https://www.myvouchercodes.co.uk/boots

Currys: https://www.myvouchercodes.co.uk/currys

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Secure You Look

Who knows if the party season is going to be in effect this year? Large events certainly won’t go ahead, but small gathering down the pub or taking the festivities online aren’t out of the question. And that means picking up party wear because do we really need an excuse to glam up a bit.

You’ll soon be seeing every fashion store dropping Party edits with this years hottest looks to entice you. We say get involved, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a gorgeous new dress or sharp suit and we could all do with a little pick me up.

It’s not all posh either. Christmas jumper day will still happen and everyone needs a garish option to light up the days. Family pyjamas for Christmas Eve are all the rage and nothing shows how well your holding everything together like a pristine family portrait on Facebook. But that freeze frame is fooling no one Sandra.

Suggested Fashion Shopping:

Asos: https://www.myvouchercodes.co.uk/asos

River Island: https://www.myvouchercodes.co.uk/river-island

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Hanging the Baubles

It wouldn’t be a Christmas countdown without talking about the most famous trees in the world. Traditionally, a tree would be brought and decorated on Christmas Eve and there’s something quaint about that. It belongs in a black and white film where the whole family gathers to serenely singing carols and drinking steaming coco. Sounds lovely, but in reality the cats attacking the tree, kids are hopped up on Santa’s coming and scrapping like wild dogs, and the hot choccy’s got a big old glug of Baileys topping it up. To avoid all that Christmas Carnage, get the decorations up early and enjoy the magic for longer.

Whenever decide to get the decorations up, now is the time to start checking over everything and making sure your house will be sufficiently jolly. Test the fairy lights before you spend 3 hours up a ladder trying to get the house seen from space only to have a gigantic anti-climax at the big switch on.

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Get the Calendar Filled

It’s hard to make plans this year. The threat of rolling coronavirus lockdowns hangs in the air and who knows how many people we can actually meet up with now. Six down the pub, but none at home? Even with all the uncertainty, it’s important to chalk off some time for family visits over Christmas.

Get organised and mark of days in the calendar when you’re all free and check the government advice a week before. It’s hard to believe we will be told that families are banned from gathering over Christmas and having the time agreed with everyone will save a last-minute scramble.

Don’t Forget the Little Things

There’ll be nothing worse than the tantrum that follows a toddler not being able to play with their awesome new toy because batteries aren’t included. This is your Christmas countdown reminder to go around the house and list all the easy to forget extras that make the day tick over smoothly. We’re talking cello tap, tin foil, wrapping paper and everything else essential that brings Christmas together.

When you start to think about it’s incredible how many small things come to mind. Not having them might not ruin the day, but it’s always the little touches that make events special. Make your lists and order everything early to give of room to spare in case the predicted delivery delays materialise.

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And Relax…

This years been stressful enough, don’t let Christmas pile more on. Use our Christmas Countdown to get yourself organised early and you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy all the Christmas films you want without worrying about forgetting anything. This is the time to make memories with the family. Switch of the phone, log off early, and spend quality time with the people you love. If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that we’ve all got to make the most out of what we’ve got.

Ashley Bird

Ever since the birth of his first child, Ashley has been trying to squeeze a little more out of every penny. Three years and another child later, he's a dab hand at finding a deal and getting things done for less. Whether you need help planning a budget friendly family day out, or saving on all things home, he can help you out.


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