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About Longleat Safari Park

For one of the best days out you've had in ages, there's no better place to head to than Longleat Safari Park and Adventure Park. Situated in the idyllic Wiltshire countryside and close to great cities like Bristol and Bath and attractions like Stonehenge, you could easily turn your trip to Longleat into a fun family weekend. At the safari park, you can get up close and personal (from the safety of your own car!) with amazing animals like lions, tigers, monkeys, bats, penguins, giraffes, elephants and many more. Have an explore of the adventure park and try your luck in the hedge maze, or let your little ones enjoy themselves in the adventure playground. We have all sorts of great deals, from Longleat voucher codes to hotel and travel discounts, so stick around and plan your next fun day out.
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More information about Longleat Safari Park

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Longleat Safari Park & Adventure Park was established over 50 years ago and was the first drive through safari park outside Africa, so is a truly a world class attraction. Despite the announcement of its opening provoking mass hysteria of escaped wild animals, the park has flourished and is now the UK's number one destination for adventure and animal fun. The reserves at Longleat include Gorilla Island, Wallaby Wood, Lion Country, Tiger Territory, East African Game Reserve, Monkey Jungle and many, many more, so you can see all your favourite animals from up close. Longleat is situated in the beautiful countryside of Wiltshire, not far from the historic and attractive towns of Bath and Bristol, the rural retreats of Devon and Somerset and the stunning tourist attractions of Stonehenge, Glastonbury and the New Forest, so if you've had your fill of wildlife there are plenty of other things to take your fancy and make sure you have a wonderful day out.

VIP Experiences for VIP Gifts at Longleat Safari Park

A day out at one of the nation’s favourite safari parks is amazing, but what if it could be even more amazing? With one of their VIP experiences, it can be bronze, silver or even gold amazing! Experience the animals in a way like never before. A true treat for your family, or your favourite family, here’s our rundown on everything you need to know about living the VIP life, Longleat style.

Bronze VIP Safari Tour

Book out the whole of one of Longleat’s zebra print safari trucks and spend a whole two hours being driven through the actual animal paddocks of the usual safari drive through. You’ll have an amazing and knowledgeable guide on board too, telling you loads of in-depth and exciting information about all the animals you’ll see. Get as close to your favourite animals as you dare!

Silver VIP Safari Tour

Take the Bronze VIP Safari and make it Silver! This tour also includes a visit to the African Village Experience where you can get even closer to the lemurs and tapirs. You’ll also visit the Animal Discovery Zone where you can chat to the Animal Adventure Team and hold some small animals in your own hands. How amazing is that?!

Gold VIP Safari Tour

For the ultimate in safari experiences at Longleat, it’s got to be the Gold tour. As well as everything you get with the Bronze and Silver packages, the Gold tour includes getting super close to the lions and cheetahs of Longleat. You’ll also be able to feed the tigers! And it doesn’t get more thrilling than that.

All three include a souvenir guide book to keep as a reminder of your amazing day, and either a delicious cream tea voucher (Bronze and Silver) or a full lunch (Gold).

And what’s more, if you fancy having the park all to yourself (aside from the animal residents, obviously), then book the Winter VIP Tour. This tour is exactly the same as the Silver Tour, with one main difference – it’s when the park is closed to other day visitors!

Other VIP Experiences

If meeting a specific group of animals is high on your wish list, or the wish list of whoever you’re treating, then try one of the add-on VIP experiences. Choose to spend time with specific animals and their keepers who know them inside out. The lions are probably the most majestic of the animals at Longleat and you could be up close and personal with their amazing pride of lions. Safety is paramount obviously, and your guide and keeper will supervise at all times. Or maybe you’d prefer to meet the beautiful giraffes, the amazing giant anteaters or the cheeky meerkats one-on-one?

Whatever animals you want to see, a VIP experience at Longleat is the best way to see them in their (almost) natural habitats. We have a range of brilliant voucher codes that change all the time, so be quick and get booking!

Best Gift Ideas For Family’s: Safari Drive Through

If you’re daring enough to get up close and personal with the wildlife in Longleat Safari Park, the Drive Through experience is for you. With a full quota of animals from around the world, Longleat gives you the opportunity to see animals that are not native to the UK. The amazing animals on show include elephants, monkeys, wolves, tigers, lions, cheetahs, white rhinos and lions, plus much, much more. This could quite literally be the drive of your life. And it will make the perfect gift for animal loving families with inquisitive young children.

Best Gift Ideas For Explorers: Roam The Main Square

Longleat doesn’t disappoint when it comes to delivering a unique experience. And for the adventurous types the main square features specialised areas where you will encounter a wide variety of animals from the jungle, desert or ocean. Meet gorillas, hippos, meerkats, penguins or bats before heading off to exhibitions and enjoying activities such as the hedge maze and daily parrot shows.

Best Gift Ideas For History Lovers: Longleat House & Grounds

Longleat is not just about the animals. The safari park has a rich history and prestigious past which dates back to the Elizabethan era. The house and grounds are still owned by descendants of Sir John Tynee who build the mansion in 1580, and they have opened it up to the public to take a trip through history and browse of 15 rooms, each with a unique story to tell. Admire the art collection passed down over 15 generations and explore the 900 acres of beautiful scenery in the park grounds. Whatever it is you enjoy about history and art, this fully guided tour will surely meet satisfy your tastes.

Best Gift Ideas For Seniors:

Now that retirement has left you with plenty of time on your hands, you need a distraction to fill in the days. The good news for over 60s is that Longleat Safari Park is offering concessions on annual passes. If you have taken up art or photography to keep you occupied in your free time, regular trips to Longleat will provide you plenty of inspiration and the opportunity to capture some unique moments.

Best Gift Ideas For Children: Animal Feeding

It’s easy to get carried away on a day with the animals, but one of the most relaxed and enjoyable experiences is watching the animals feed. But sometimes, watching is not enough. Longleat offer customised experiences that enable visitors to feed a number of animals including giraffes, sea lions, rainbow lorikeets or deer. And once the animals have had their fill, it’s time to sort your own food cravings out and satisfy your appetite on the restaurant, coffee bars and cafes scattered across Longleat.

Longleat Safari Park promises to be a day great out for all the family, couples and groups so check out the generous savings we have on offer and prepare to head off into the wilderness.

Visit the Longleat Safari Drive Through for an Amazing Day Out for All the Family!

Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire has been inviting excited visitors for years and it’s no surprise that they’re one of the top fun parks in the country.

The biggest attraction at Longleat is, of course, the safari drive through. Drive through the park in the comfort of your own car, just make sure you keep all the windows closed! One of the highlights is Anne the elephant. Anne came to Longleat Safari Park as a rescue elephant. Rescued from a circus, Longleat is now her forever home and she couldn’t be happier. She’s so happy in her home in fact, that she only makes an appearance outside when she’s feeling particularly social. Imagine how your family would feel if she came out to say hello when you visited!?

The monkeys are far more social, and always like to show off in front of humans. They’re inquisitive too, and love to nose into what their human visitors are doing. Driving through the monkey mayhem area at any safari park is hilarious, Longleat especially so. Hold on to your aerials and take a deep breath…

The deer that inhabit the deer park are truly beautiful. There’s three types of deer at Longleat, two of them native to the UK, one native to China. However, they all live happily side by side and are stunning to see as you slowly travel through the safari drive through. At certain points in the year, you can even feed the deer through the window of your car, a truly amazing experience.
If you like to go larger, then you’ll love the safari big game park. This area includes white rhinos, camels and Ankole cattle. You might even spot an ostrich or two!

If you don’t fancy taking your car around the Longleat safari drive through, then why not book onto the safari bus?! The buses are iconic London red double decker buses and your driver and guide will have all the information on each animal so don’t forget to ask questions. They’ll also know all the tricks to make sure the animals come as close to the bus as possible. Let the mischievous monkeys climb all over the Longleat safari bus rather than your car, leaving you all free to take as many photos as you can.

Longleat House

It isn’t just about the safari drive through at Longleat, Longleat House standing majestic in the centre of the park is an amazing experience too. It’s been proudly in the same family since 1580 and is absolutely stunning.

Go on the General House Tour and be wowed by the Elizabethan architecture and its huge collection of antiques. Book into the Scandalous History Tour and learn all about the controversy that has surrounded Longleat House over the centuries!

We have many voucher codes for Longleat throughout the year. So when you’re looking to book, make sure you check us out first. Enjoy!

5 Animal Experiences in the UK

Whether you love animals or are simply curious about their way of life, there is no doubt animal experiences provide a great day out for friends and family.

The opportunities to observe the animal kingdom is remarkable and we are fortunate in the UK to have several zoos and safari parks that offer unique experiences. Here are five fantastic animal experience days out that you will just love to explore.


The stunning view of Longleat House would instantly resonate with those who can appreciate rich heritage and quality Elizabethan architecture. But Longleat Safari Park is not a merely a country estate with just one dimension – it is home to a family of wildlife from all over the world.

The safari experiences here include up close and personal encounters with the animal kingdom including lions, elephants, monkey, meerkats and aquatic life. Drive through the safari adventure before indulging in an endless list of shows and exhibitions. There is also the opportunity to feed some of the animals for as little as £1 or to learn more about the animals why not take a VIP guided tour and spend the day with the friendly staff that care for the animals.

Chester Zoo

Boasting an impressive figure of over 15,000 animals in 125 acres of land, Chester Zoo is one of the UK’s most maintained and popular zoo experiences. You will find a wealth of experiences here including personalised encounters, photography workshops, zoo keeping and gardening.

Edinburgh Zoo

A day out at Edinburgh Zoo has become so much more than simple animal experiences with their calendar packed with workshops, cinema screenings, festivals and more. With a host of animals packed into 82 acres of the zoo gardens, there is plenty for visitors to get excited about – particularly the giant pandas, the only enclosure here in the UK. You can even check out the live Panda Cam on their website to see the antics of these adorable creatures.

Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool is still one of the most popular UK family destinations. The zoo offers some great activities to entertain visitors including a tour round the grounds in a miniature train where you can see wolves, zebras, ostriches and much more. Other play areas include inflatables and a mini golf course as well.

Animal education is also on the list of objectives and experts give talks, guides and workshops to help animal lovers get the most from their experience. The owners also want to help inspire young people to become zoo keepers by offering customised courses and career opportunities.

Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo is more than just a zoo. They take great pride in their fundraising ventures, wedding receptions, gardening and animal keeping workshops. They also have luxury accommodation which includes a personal chef on a private balcony – and not to mention having the entire zoo to yourself. The packages are also family friendly and cater to creating a real experience to sleeping and waking up to the sounds of the zoo.

If you are interested in a safari experience, check out the discounts we have with Longleat Safari Park. We have special deals throughout the year.

Example Longleat Voucher Codes

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