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Nandos Voucher Codes, Discount Codes & Sales 2016

Nandos is an extremely popular Portuguese-inspired restaurant chain, primarily known for its flame-grilled, spicy Peri-Peri chicken. The brand also sells a variety of sauces, marinades and other food products which can be found stocked by supermarkets and other online food retailers. The restaurant chain is popular with all the family – and people from all walks of life! It’s not uncommon to see celebrities and football players talking about Nando’s – it offers a casual dining experience that’s unlike no other. The chain specialises mainly in chicken dishes – diners are then given a choice as to the Peri-Peri marinade their chicken is coated in. But if you don't like chicken, there's still something for you - the menu also includes beef dishes and vegetarian options. Whether you want to enjoy a great meal out, or are looking to bring some of this tasty spice to your own dishes don't forget check out the latest Nandos vouchers, discount codes and deals - they're listed right here so you can compare them.

Nandos Discount Codes, Promo Codes & Deals for October 2016

Whole Chicken For £12.75

Get This Offer
  • Ends: 03/11/2016
  • i View Nandos
Only 6 days left - Ends: 03/11/2016 -

Take an advantage of this deal and get the mouth-watering food for a moderate price from Nandos. Save some money on orders and enjoy the tasty food.

Soft Drinks From £1

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  • Ends: 04/11/2016
  • i View Nandos
Ends: 04/11/2016 -

Pick your favourite beverages from Nandos available for an affordable price. Order now before the price increases and enjoy the tasty drink.

Spicy Rice Regular For £2.40

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  • Ends: 03/11/2016
  • i View Nandos
Only 6 days left - Ends: 03/11/2016 -

Make use of this wonderful deal to get the tasty and delicious food for a very low price. Order it now from Nandos and save some money on purchases.

Coffee From £2

Get This Offer
  • Ends: 03/11/2016
  • i View Nandos
Only 6 days left - Ends: 03/11/2016 -

Use this amazing deal and get refresh yourself with this drink which makes you stress-free. Shop it now from Nandos available for an affordable price.

Nandos Vouchers Comparison Guide
Written by Brand SpecialistAmy MacGregor
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More information about Nandos

Nando’s originates from South Africa – the restaurant has gone from strength to strength since the doors to its first branch opened way back in 1987. At present there are over 1,000 Nando’s restaurants worldwide in over 30 countries. The restaurant group raked in over £400 million in sales in 2012 alone. Some of the countries that play host to Nando’s restaurants include Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland, USA, Canada and, of course, the United Kingdom. As their peri-peri sauces proved irresistible, Nandos decided to bottle them and now they're available at leading retailers such as Tesco, ASDA and Morrison's, amongst many more. So now, when you carve the tangy taste of Nandos, all you need to do is open your cupboard and slaver your meat with a bottle of their signature sauce. The Nandos range includes table sauces, marinades, favoured crisps, spices, may and much more.

Example Nandos Vouchers

We pride ourselves on offering our users a great selection of discount vouchers and coupons for use both online and offline. Although Nandos.co.uk don’t sell food via their website, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve got a constant stream of deals right here on our website – here are just a few of the great deals we’ve offered in the past:

  • Get A Loyalty Card and Earn Free Chicken
  • Nando’s Gift Cards Available from Restaurants, Shops & Supermarkets
  • Peri-Peri Sauces from £2.95
  • Free 1KG Of Thighs On Nandos Boneless Chicken Thighs Orders
  • 50% Off Selected Nandos sauces at Tesco


The great thing about the reward scheme is that the more you eat and the more often you visit, the bigger the rewards you receive! The loyalty card scheme is there to give frequent diners big bonuses, including free meals and side dishes. The scheme runs on three different colours – green, orange and red. If you fill up your “chilli wheel” then you’re entitled to a freebie – how good does that sound?

Fill your green chilli wheel and you’ll get a free quarter chicken or appetiser. Fill your orange wheel and you’ll get a free half chicken, single wrap, pitta bread or burger. Fill the red wheel and you’ll get whole chicken or any combo meal.

If you’re stuck for a gift idea at a birthday or at Christmas, why not buy a friend or loved one a gift card? We’ve yet to meet anyone that doesn’t like Nando’s, so it’s fair to say that it’s a safe bet. Gift cards are available in different denominations, so pick whatever works best for you. They can be purchased in your local restaurant, and in supermarkets and shops. There’s no excuse whatsoever for not picking up a gift card – you can buy them everywhere!

Can’t get enough of Nando’s? We hear you! It’s not practical to eat out every night – getting there can be a pain if you don’t live local, and it’s not exactly cheap. So, what’s the next best thing? Nando’s nights at home, of course! You can buy the whole range of Peri-Peri marinades from most major supermarkets and from Nandos.co.uk. You can now get that great taste when cooking at home too – how good is that? The Peri-Peri marinades are great for summer time barbeques, they also make a great gift too.

The Nando’s app

Counting the calories? Don’t bother – let the Nando’s app do it for you! The app is laden with amazing features, it really is a “must have” for every smartphone or tablet computer user. It’s easy to find your nearest restaurant using the app – it also gives you a detailed breakdown of the facilities and amenities at your local stores (ie, if it has an outdoor seating area, for those [rare] sunny summer days).

You can also browse the whole menu via the app – why not whet your appetite before a visit by having a quick peak at what they’ve got to offer? Alternatively, if you’re visiting with your friends, why not impress them by being ultra-decisive and not even consulting the menu? The app also features things like nutritional information. You can check the balance on your new reward card via the app too – and you can also use it to scribble down your order. If you always forget what you wanted to order the second you leave the table, the scribble pad is an awesome feature to use. You’ll never forget an order again!

Last but not least, you can also drop a line directly to the Nando’s customer service team via the app. Had a problematic visit to a store? Want to say thanks for brilliant service you’ve received? No problem at all – you can get in touch with the customer care team quickly and easily via the official smartphone app. Now is the time to browse the app store for your device and download the official app – it’s available for iOS and Android devices including smartphones and tablet computers.

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