What Would Barbie Look Like in Real Life?

If a woman existed with Barbie proportions, what would she look like compared to a normal woman with average body proportions? Using average body proportions, a model of a normal 19 year old woman was created. Then, a woman was brought to life using Barbie proportions.

The body measurements for the 19 year old woman come from CDC.gov..

  • 163.3 cm height
  • 85.4 cm waist
  • 35.8 cm upper arm length
  • 36.7 cm upper leg length

Barbie, at 1/6 scale, would be 175.26 cm in height and have the following measurements...

  • 175.26 cm height
  • 91.44 cm bust
  • 45.72 cm waist
  • 83.82 cm hips
  • 55.88 cm head circumference
  • 22.86 neck circumference

Yes, Barbie is just a toy. At the same time, it's a toy which young girls play with and want to be like. If we assume that Barbie is 19 years old, shouldn't girls have access to toys which resemble realistic proportions?

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