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Although the fashion industry is evolving at an incredibly fast pace, there are certain pieces which will always be worth the investment. Take a look at these iconic haute couture items to see how much they have increased in value.

by {{item.designer}}
Original cost {{item.initialValue}}
Sold for {{item.soldforValue}}
Potential value £{{item.currentValue.toLocaleString()}}
Appreciation {{item.appreciation}}%

This research is brought to you by MyVoucherCodes. Valuation data provided by Angela Smith, fashion and dress curator and historian. Images supplied by Kerry Taylor Auctions and are indicative of 'sold for' prices.

Current valuations and appreciation exclude buyer’s premium. The average buyer’s premium at auction is 20% on hammer price, with some lots at auction also subject to VAT/sales tax.

For original sales prices given in currencies other than Pound Sterling, the yearly average exchange rate for the relevant year was used to convert the currency into GBP.

Some original sales prices are given as an approximate as purchase taxes often apply which make retail prices vary from country to country or state to state. There can also be minor price differences within the UK depending on the retail outlet.

Potential values demonstrate the high-end price each item could sell for at auction, depending on buyer’s demand, materials used, quality of the item and historical significance.

All appreciation values are RPI-adjusted.

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