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The Increasing Costs Of A Family Day Out Between 2008 & 2018

New research by ourselves has revealed that a day out at a British attraction now costs a family of 4 an average of £221.81; with £106.90 of this spent on entry tickets alone.

My Voucher Codes recently surveyed 1,000 British families and found that a staggering 9 in 10 feel they are being priced out of visitor attractions both at home and whilst on holiday abroad, with the majority (46% of respondents) planning only one day out at a ticketed attraction this summer for this reason.

It’s not just entry tickets which contribute to the rising cost of a day out, however, and the respondents highlighted that, on average, they spend the following in addition:

  • Petrol & Parking: £36.80
  • Lunch: £46
  • Drinks, Snacks & Ice Creams: £32

That’s £114.80 spent on top of the gate price bringing the total cost of a day out to more than £200 at many attractions.

Based upon these findings, our team of researchers set about to establish just how the price of a day out (around the world) has changed in the past decade; looking at how much attraction entry tickets have increased between 2008 and 2018.

Below you’ll find the research across 4 regions:

As well as the necessary comparison between the changing costs at both Disney and Universal parks globally.

The Changing Cost Of Attraction Entry Tickets In The UK Between 2008 & 2018

The Changing Cost Of Attraction Entry Tickets In The US Between 2008 & 2018

The Changing Cost Of Attraction Entry Tickets In Europe Between 2008 & 2018

The Changing Cost Of Attraction Entry Tickets In Asia Between 2008 & 2018

The Changing Cost Of Attraction Entry Tickets At Disney & Universal Parks Between 2008 & 2018

Sources & Methodology

Our research team surveyed 1,000 British families in August 2018 through Maru/Usurv, asking questions to establish whether they feel they are priced out of visitor attractions, with the average ticket price for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 standard price children – not infants) now standing at more than £107 as well as the number of attractions they’ll visit this summer.

91% of respondents stated that they do feel that they are being priced out of attractions, with only the remaining 9% responding that they do not feel this way.

46% of families who responded highlighted that they will be having only one day out at a paid attraction this summer. 23% will attend no attractions, 20% will attend two, 6% three attractions, 3% four attractions and 2% will attend five or more.

The research also asked questions on the average spend (on top of tickets) whilst at an attraction, with respondents highlighting that this is £36.80 on petrol and parking, £46 on lunch in the and £32 on snacks and drinks.

Entry prices for each attraction were obtained from the official website of each in August 2018, with the historical prices obtained either through using the Wayback Machine to view a snapshot of the pricing page in 2008 or through official news announcements.

A full list of sources and data can be seen here.