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About JustPark

JustPark is an online service that allows you to choose and conveniently reserve parking spaces when you need them. This service can be up to 60% cheaper than regular on street parking saving you money and helping you avoid parking tickets. So take the stress out of parking and free up your time and take the strain away from your wallet. Make sure that before you reserve your parking space that you check out this page and take advantage of some cash saving discount codes and offers.

JustPark Homepage

JustPark Offers homepage

JustPark is rethinking parking for the 21st century. By unlocking over 200,000 previously underused spaces, they provide cheaper, more convenient parking to over 1 million drivers. making it easier for people to find parking spaces for areas that are otherwise hard to find. On average, parking spaces booked through JustPark cost less than half price of the nearest on-street alternative. With central London locations available for as little as £8 for 24 hours, you won't want to park with anyone else. What's the catch? There is none. You'll be able to park without the fear of traffic wardens and parking tickets. A parking ticket is issued every 4 seconds in the UK - that's a lot of money and stress saved. Be happy as you pull up at your destination safe, knowing that a reserved space will be waiting for you. Check out reviews left by past drivers before booking and extend your reservation at the tap of a button.

JustPark has been awarded handsomely in the past few years and that's no surprise with the service and innovation they've come up with. For introducing new efficiencies to parking - which is responsible for up to 30% of urban congestion - and helping cities to function better in the process, JustPark and founder & CEO Anthony Eskinazi were shortlisted for the New Energy and Cleantech Awards in the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ category. If you want to get the most out of your parking spaces, make sure to have a look at the offers at the top of the page and get the most for your money.

Example Offers

Here are some past offers for you to look at. There are plenty more at the top of the page, so when you're done, have a look at them to see which one you want to use.

  • Twickenham Parking From £9
  • London Parking From £7
  • Parking In Leeds From £6
  • Gatwick Airport Parking From £3
  • Gatwick Airport Parking From £3
  • Parking In Leeds From £4
  • Parking In Birmingham From £3
  • Parking In Newcastle Upon Tyne From £3
  • Twickenham Parking From £9

    How to book a space


How to Redeem a Voucher Code

Redeeming a voucher code, discount code or offer is pretty simple, but here's how to do it for those of you that don't know. The first thing you do when it comes to redeeming a voucher code is to click on it at the top of the My Voucher Codes page and copy the code. Once you've done that, click on the link to go to the website to use the voucher code. When you've finished looking around, make sure to put all of your items in the basket and then checkout when you're ready. Only then will you put in the voucher code you acquired from My Voucher Codes. You'll need to put it in the box that says "redeem a voucher" or "discount box", only after you've done that will the voucher code be in effect.

Redeeming a discount code and offer is a little different from a voucher code. With these two codes, you won't have as much freedom as the voucher code. Discount codes and offers take you to the particular page where the offer is in effect, if you leave the page(s) you may not be on the page that gives you the discount. All you need to do at this point is make the purchase after you've done that you would have saved on your purchase.


How Do I Make A Long-Term Booking?

    1. Search using the latest possible end date you think you may be parking. (You can always change this later!)

    2. On the booking screen, select the option 'I would like a recurring weekly or monthly booking lasting longer than 6 weeks'.

    3. Select the days of the week you want to park.

    4. Pay now for the first month. Following payments will be taken each month after your start date.

How Do I Park A Large Vehicle?

    1. Head to the listing page for space you're interested in.

    2. Click 'Ask Person X a question'.

    3. JustPark will ask you to enter some details about the potential booking, but don't worry! This doesn't commit you to anything.

    4. When they reply, they'll email you to let you know.

If you need parking at short notice, it's recommended that you choose a space labelled 'Book Instantly' in the search results. These bookings don't need to be confirmed by the space owner.

How Do I Cancel My Booking?

To cancel a booking, head to your Bookings and click 'More' on the one you want to cancel, then select 'cancel booking'. Please do this as soon as possible so that JustPark can free up space for other drivers. As JustPark review all cancellations, it can take 3-4 working days until you receive your refund. Rest assured they'll get to it as quickly as we can. The amount they can refund you will depend on the length of your booking and how far in advance you make the cancellation request.

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Archived JustPark Discount Codes

    • Issued
    • Code Description
    • Code
    • 15/05/2018
    • 10% off Bookings
    • *******
    • 08/05/2018
    • Parking in Glasgow from £4
    • *******
    • 08/05/2018
    • Parking in Twickenham from £10
    • *******
    • 08/05/2018
    • Parking in Warwick from £3
    • *******
    • 02/05/2018
    • Parking in Gatwick from £3
    • *******
    • 02/05/2018
    • Parking in Newcastle Upon Tyne from £3
    • *******
    • 26/04/2018
    • Parking in Manchester from £3
    • *******
    • 26/04/2018
    • Parking in Birmingham from £3
    • *******
    • 17/04/2018
    • Parking in Leeds from £4
    • *******