Lost Childhood: Parents Wish they Could Give Their Children The Same Upbringing They Had

With new technologies available, as well as vastly improved living standards, it’s easy to assume that life is better than ever for children. However, a large proportion of parents disagree, going as far as wishing their kids had the same upbringing they had. Plus, even more parents feel that kids are growing up too quickly, and there’s even some who wish they’d been stricter.

Nowadays kids often have much more than their parents – especially when it comes to gadgets, technology and even opportunities – so it’s very easy to assume that their lives are better. However, we wanted to find out what parents thought. So we stated by asking parents if they thought their children’s upbringing is better or worse than their own.

The results we found are really interesting and rather surprising. 46% would have hoped their children could have enjoyed the same upbringing to the one they themselves had. Why would parents wish this despite not having the same chances in life or the technological advances which have doubtlessly made life easier? Well, perhaps this could be because technology, such as smartphones and social media, has meant kids are growing up too quickly – 57% of parents we questioned certainly thought so. Or maybe it’s because they feel their kids got an easy ride – 28% felt like they could have been stricter.

To delve deeper, we asked parents to directly compare their own childhood with their children’s, giving them a spectrum of options concerned with modern childhoods and family life. Many parents are worried that children start thinking about relationships and other adult actives sooner than they did. Another concern is that children have higher expectations, demanding more from themselves and life – a whopping 42% of parents share this fear. Understandably, a large proportion of parents (32%) worry children relied on mobile tech too much. On the other hand, 59% also agreed that this offered them more opportunities.

When questioned on the how the working situation of families might affect their children’s upbringing, 31% said they regretted not being able to be a stay at home parent. Though, 54% felt that the extra income from both parents working allowed their kids to enjoy more luxuries than they had themselves. Also, nearly half of parents questioned, at 48%, thought their kids would find life much harder than they did. Although this is mainly a product of negative down to economic factors such as growing employment, housing and education.

We asked Mark Pearson, the founder of MyVoucherCodes what he thought about our study, he said:

“It can often feel like being a parent this generation is a lot harder than it was for the previous and probably since the dawn of time, it has. It’s easy to look back on the past with rose tinted glasses, viewing your own upbringing as a simpler, freer time. Advances in technology can be view as either a good or bad thing, the same with access to information and your children’s safety.”

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