Social Experiment: How Would You React To Someone Dropping Their Wallet?

We took a handful of actors to four key towns and cities around the UK (Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff and Cheltenham) with the sole purpose of seeing how fellow Britons react when they spot someone dropping their wallet on the floor. We weren’t sure how the social experiment was going to go, but it was definitely an eye opener.

What would you do?

Whilst we all like to say we’d chase after the person to return their wallet to them, we’ve proven that’s not always the case. In fact, as well as your wallet being stolen, it may just be ignored by those who see you drop it.


Our camera crew had to step in a couple of times as, whilst the wallet was returned the majority of the time, it was stolen a handful of times. Unfortunately for women, it seems they’re less likely to get their wallets back, with almost as many choosing to ignore their wallet on the ground as those who would hand it back.



It seems Bristol is the worst place that you could lose your wallet, if you’re a man. Whilst it’s roughly 50/50 whether women will get your their back or have it ignored, the same number of people will attempt to steal the men’s wallets as they would return it.



Women just can’t catch a break; again, in Cheltenham, as with Bristol and Birmingham, your wallet is likely to be ignored if someone sees you drop it. Whilst not as many men’s wallets were stolen as in Bristol, a third were still stolen with our crew having to step in.



Let’s end on a good note… 100% of those in Cardiff, whether they live there or not, will return your wallet to you. They’ll even chase after you down the street to ensure you get your wallet back. What nice people!

Watch our video!

Whilst our male actors were the only victims of wallet theft when they were seen to drop their wallets on the floor – and always by male passersby – it’s just as sad to see that women’s wallets are just as likely to be ignored as they are returned.