10 Essential Cooking Tips For your Student Kitchen

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Raise your hands if you’ve been resorting to ramen and pizza for the past term of university! As children and teenagers, we get too comfortable with the idea that your parents will always be the ones cooking. That is definitely not the reality! When you finally move out to university or your own place is when you realise that you should’ve learnt a few cooking tips for your student kitchen. Don’t worry all you need to know is right here!

Frying Plan Foreplay

Frying a steak, pancakes, onions? A very hot pan is needed for perfect caramelised onions and it’s even better for a streak. Here is how to check when your pan is at the correct temperature – drop half a teaspoon of water in the heated pan, when instantly creates one or two water beads your pan is ready. Following this drizzle in your preferred cooking oil and now your pan is as ready as can be for your ingredients. Remember that depending on the thickness of your pan the longer it will take it to reach its optimum temperature.

Cutting Onions The Right Way

We can all admit that chopping onions it terrible, it’s messy confusing and makes everyone cry until you learn this trick! Chopping onions perfectly and quickly is a skill that must be mastered by all so learn with Gordon Ramsey in this quick video.

How To Mix Herbs & Spices

Only with time will you learn how to correctly mix your herbs and spices, only with time! We all go through the stage of blending too much and running a good meal, but practice makes perfect. Here is a little cheat-sheet for all the herb blender and spice mixers out there!

Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals is not only more affordable but also much healthier for you. Instead of getting home tired after and long lecture and ordering take away you can just whip something ready out of the fridge and microwave it to excellence. Here are some awesome dishes for all students to try. 

The Perfect SteakSteak

The perfect steak is not easy to achieve. It’s got to have the right seasoning, the right tenderness and also be cooked to your preference. First, off season your steak, learn what herbs and spices work better with it from the point above. The longer you leave your steak marinating the deeper the spices will penetrate the meat, so once you have added the garlic, salt, pepper, cumin or your other mixes hit the steak with the back of your knife or wooden spoon to soften it and then let the steak sit for a bit. In the meantime, heat up your pan, like instructed in above. Finally, put the steak on the hot frying pan and wait until meat juices form at the top of the meat, then flip. Wait until the other side is cooked and then serve.

Homemade Breadcrumbs

Instead of resorting to fried take away every day of your student life try deep-frying at home and remember that homemade breadcrumbs are much better. It’s super simple to make: It’s doubtful you have a food processor but a blender will do the same job. Add bread in small portions and blend until it’s all small and combined. Alternatively, use a cheese grater, this option is better when the bread is toast dry or with a bread loaf. To make it all taste a little better add in salt, pepper and some of your favourite herbs or spices.

Freeze Anything You Can

Being student doesn’t only mean you aren’t a good cook but it also means you need to save money. Freezers will become your student kitchen’s best friend, but the space is limited and you might have to fight your housemates for it! It will be totally worth it when you win because you will be able to make your food last months longer. A more efficient way to store food in the freezer is to use freezer bags instead of boxes. This way you could even separate portions into individual bags and defrost them at your disposal; you can also write your name and date the bag was frozen.
You can freeze a lot more than you imagine,  find out about all the foods you can make last longer in your student kitchen.

Eggs Sunny Side Up

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Sunny side up obviously! Students are always in a rush to just get out the house so you resort to overheating the pan in order to fry the eggs faster, well that’s not how life works guys. To get the perfect runny egg yolk and crispy egg whites you must have your pan at very low heat. I like frying my eggs with a bit of butter and a sprinkle of salt and pepper and patience.

The Ramen Secret

Ramen is perhaps the main resident in the cupboards of a student kitchen; it’s not even tasty, never mind healthy. To spice up, your ramen add a few things and fancy it up to your taste. Add a boiled egg some Tabasco sauce and coriander. This is the dish to experiment with and make your own since it’ll be your main diet at one point of your student life.

One Pot Wonderone-pot dish for your student kitchen

Learning how to master the one-pot dish is what we all aim for. It sounds easy in practice but the smallest mistake can be disastrous. Practice some of these quick and easy one-pot or one-dish meals now to get the hang of it before the end of term!

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