5 Great Things To Do With Your Easter Holiday

Easter Egg Holiday

Easter is almost upon us, which mean there are many things you can do in April that will surely spice up your Easter holiday. Here’s a quick guide on what you can possibly do for your holiday.

Your Mum’s House

People at a party

This weekly jaunt is a ‘dress up and gets messed up’ night of mayhem and mischief, not for the faint-hearted. With a soundtrack of big bass house, hip-hop, old school bangers, trap, R&B, UK garage and pretty much anything with a baseline filthy enough to make your mouth blush. This should definitely be at the top of your list this Easter holiday.  Based in Stoke Newington Rd London N16 7XJ at a price of £7, £5 before midnight and free before 10:30 pm. You have four chances to get a chance to go, so don’t waste time and make it your goal to go, you won’t regret it.

Gin Journey

Gin & lime

Following from the popular Gin Journey Shoreditch tour comes to its Manchester sister. The Gin journey is the leading light in gin tours in the UK. They run an award-winning event in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh, with pop-ups in cities happening whenever they get the chance. The tour includes a tour on a Mercedes minibus with five stops, five cocktails and five samples of gin. Food is also available during the event accompanied by a Gin journey Guardian throughout the journey. There are various dates for you to choose from so make sure to book your appointment soon and enjoy the Easter holiday.

 Chocolate Making Classes

Melting chocolate

Try as we might, it’s impossible to resist the stuff for too long, especially at Christmas and Easter – even on Valentine’s Day. However, if you want to go beyond hunting through the best chocolate shops in London, why not try crafting your own at a chocolate making class? There are lots of schools and workshops to choose from and you get the satisfaction of creating your own chocolate. Rococo’s organic bars are some of the best on the market and with a winner award from TimeOut, there’s definitely something they’re doing right. You’ll be able to join their Chocolate School on Motcomb Street for chocolate making so make sure to sign up to experience the best chocolate making session this Easter holiday.

‘90s Lates at Styx

festival party

If you want to get completely goofy whilst having fun this Easter holiday, then ‘90s Lates at Styx is just for you. Not only will ‘90’s bands and DJs play every Friday and Saturday but there’s after parties with loopy performance artists Figs in Wigs, a Bjork-inspired Drag extravaganza with taking That tribute ‘Take Twat’, ’90s techno from Vector Space, ITCH FM are doing a tribute to ’90s hip-hop and folk covers of the decade’s classics from Super Tennants. Not too far from Tottenham Hale, it’ll be easy for transport. Here are the details and times for the event.


Food at a restaurant

A good restaurant is always a good way to start your day for your Easter holiday or finish it. There are great restaurants around London for you to choose from with many being easily affordable for anyone. The Princess of Shoreditch is probably one of the best ones to go to due to the great selection. Sunday lunch served in both the elegant downstairs bar and chic upstairs restaurant of this handsome pub; both packed with a convivial crowd all day long. Don’t miss the great duck-fat potatoes and gut-busting desserts such as sticky toffee pudding with bourbon-laced toffee sauce. Open from noon – 11 pm you have more than enough time to go through some of the other options in the list. Have a look at what you might order.

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