About Us

What is Student Bunker you ask? Let me explain. We are a Student Blog run by students and ex-students alike, bringing with us all the money saving and student living tips we can.

Owned by My Voucher Codes, we have exclusive know-how in the world of bargain hunting, something we want to share with all cash strapped students. What’s more, being affiliated with a voucher code and deals website gives us the freedom to directly provide the offers and discounts that you simply can’t get on most other blogs. To find them is simple, we have a convenient little tab labelled ‘Student Deals & Discounts’ right on our home page.

In addition, we are committed to bringing our audience something engaging to read, that applies to them, every day. Our posts are designed to be centered around the lives and values of students whether it be focused on study, relationships or just how to have a good time. That’s why who we are is vital, we are a mix of those who have done it and those doing it now, giving our writing the dual-perspective of being both experienced and current.

We’re not entirely serious here at Student Bunker – because we know that our audience isn’t either, that’s all part of being a student. Because of this, we release plenty of lighter-toned articles about current trends and nostalgic stories to make visiting student bunker as pleasant an experience as we possibly can. Variety is key to keeping you interested; lucky it’s something we have in spades. So expect satire, expect advice and expect lots of entertainment. It’s all right here at Student Bunker.