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What do students love? Free things. All of the three things! If you have a bit of a research then you will find loads and loads of things you can get for free! However, this might take a long time for you to find these so fear not! We have put all the ones we found together to save you the trouble! We will try and put the freebies into categories.



Check out some of the things on offer with phones, communications and storage.

• To get a PayGO O2 SIM for free and install the Priority Moments App to give you lots of deals and offers. Freebies have previously including Zizzi pizza, Upper Crust sandwich, Heat Magazine etc.

• If you sign up to Dropbox online, you will be able to store photos and documents for free!

• Software for computers can be pretty expensive but you might be able to get some for free! Look out for; Google Drive, Microsoft Office Web Apps and more

• In need of ringing abroad but don’t want to spend a fortune? Log in to Wi-Fi and use Skype to make those calls.





The more entertainment you can get for free – the better! Here are a few freebies to keep you occupied!

• Have a Kindle? Look online and you will be able to have loads of free eBooks

• Freeview allows you to watch free TV channels without paying for a package. You will still need a TV license to watch

Amazon Prime is great for free delivery, streamable TV and movies and much more! Students get 6 months for free! Once you reach the end of your trial, you will be able to get 50% off

Netflix offers a free trial for its first month! Great for watching films and binge watching TV shows!

• Audible has a free 14 day trial for audiobooks! Great for trying things out of using it for essay referencing!

• Have a look online to see what museums near you are free (a lot of them will be)!





Free food tastes much better than food you pay for – it’s a fact! Take a look at some of the best freebies on offer to tickle your taste buds!

• If it is your birthday then you can get a range of freebies when you dine out if you sign up to things! There are free cookies at Subway, free Krispy Kreme, free cupcake at Gregg’s, free main meal at Frankie & Benny’s, free appetiser, desert and Prosecco at Jamie’s Italian and a free birthday meal at Meat Liquor.

Gourmet Society is a discount card to give you great deals and offers on restaurants across the country. Get a free 30 day trial to whet your appetite!

• Lover of cocktails? Register for emails with Pitcher & Piano and you will get a code to get yourself a free cocktail or beer – worth the value of around £5

Greggs meal deals usually give you a sandwich and a drink for £3. However, if you have a student card then you can get a cheese and onion roll, sausage roll or sweet treat for free!

• Sign up to Ed’s Club Loyalty App from Ed’s Diner and get a free burger for signing up and then a free milkshake when it is your birthday. You will get other offers sent to you




Other Bits

There are lots of other freebies that you can get but haven’t fitted in the other categories.

• Get a  review of your CV when you join GRB for absolutely nothing!

MyFreePostcodeLottery allows you to sign up for free and you could be in with a chance of winning £50 every single day!

• Contraception doesn’t cost a thing! Get to your local clinic for free condoms or book an appointment for the contraceptive pill!

• Sign up to Qudico for free make up samples and more!

• In need of some furniture or stuff for your student housing?? Get on Gumtree or Freecycle and see what is local to you! Free furniture can be a godsend!

• Not signed up with Uber yet? Get up to £15 off your first ride when you sign up!



Have you found any more freebies? Let us know and we can add it to our list!

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