Where Can you Fly for the Price of a Train?

Plane flying over buildings

With domestic flight prices on average 6.15% since 2015 and train fares expecting to increase on average 2.3% in 2017. You can see how much you could save by taking a plane to certain destinations rather than the train.

London to Edinburgh

Scottish Mountains

If you ever want to go to Scotland or have ever dreamed of going to Arthur’s Seat, the National Museum of Scotland or walk up Ben Nevis from Fort William. With a train ticket price of £105 from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley, you’re better off flying, as a plane ticket is £32 from London Stansted Airport Not only is it 7hrs 30 minutes faster, it’s £73 cheaper. There are many great things you can do in Scotland and you’ll be able to do more as you’ve saved money on flying rather than going on the rails.

London to Barcelona


Depending on what airline you choose, you can actually find yourself cheaper flights than taking the train to Barcelona. With train prices averaging at £130, you would be spending way more than you need to if you chose to go to Barcelona. However, if you chose to go by plane, you’ll be spending an average of £95 depending on what airline you use.  Once there, you are able to choose from a wide array of activities like The Pyrenees Medieval Village Hike, the FC Barcelona Football Stadium Tour or an interactive Barcelona cooking course.

London to Paris


There seems to be a real trend here. Again, with train prices averaging at £120 for going to Paris and back you’d think that you’re getting a good price for travelling on a train. I guess you are, but that’s for taking a train, it’s considerably cheaper to go by plane if you choose your airline right at an average price of £73 is what you’ll have to pay to go to Paris, and that includes the return ticket. Once there, you can go on that massive shopping spree that you’ve always wanted to do, as well as some much-needed site seeing and food tasting.

London to Nice

Nice, France

Making a return to France is the south of it, Nice. Again, the price range of choosing to use an airway is considerably cheaper than going by train. With a flight being £95 and a train ride £138, making that a difference of £43! Because of the ticket fairs being slowly increased over time, plane tickets aren’t looking so expensive now. There are many things to do in Nice as well, so having an extra £43 in the pocket should allow you to go just that little bit further.

London to Berlin

The Berlin love wall

Have you ever wanted to go to Berlin? I have and there’s no better way to travel than through the sky. Yes, again using an airline has proven to be more cost-effective than going on a train ride. The average price of using the train (the cheapest option) is £150 and choosing an airline will only cost you £70. Berlin is truly a special place with some great things to do such as getting a Berlin architecture tour of hearing the history after World War II. Having an expensive ticket just to get there may ruin your experience. Whenever travellingWhere can you fly for the price of a train?, make sure you have a good look at what the cheapest ticket will be and how you’re going to get there (hopefully not by train after you’ve read this).

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