Health & Relationships

These two ingredients to a happy and balanced life are intertwined in a big way. Your time at uni will teach you a lot about yourself and prepare you fully for the adult world in many ways you’ll later look back on. With both your mental and physical health, you’ll face a lot of challenges and obstacles whilst at university. Being mentally or physical ‘unfit’ can have repercussions for your relationships, social and intimate, and vice versa, struggling in relationships important to you can impact on your health. With our advice and help we can guide you to live a balanced life away from home, enabling you to be the captain of your ship, master your degree and well-being, whilst looking after yourself and developing close relationships with the people around you. From nightclubs to pubs, sports clubs and societies, there are many opportunities to make friends and develop new interests and relationships at uni and we’ll talk you through our and other students experiences, to help you have the best possible time at uni. They don’t say these are the best years of your life for nothing!

We’ll also talk you through money saving tips (that’s what we’re here for) on groceries, eating out and health products.