Halls/catered or non-catered, house-share, bedsit, dive, spare room, student flat, family home, B & B, on campus, off campus, in town or the suburbs. These are just some of the options when it comes to considering student accommodation. You’ve got your work cut out for you. In your first year you should get the choice to live in halls, but they are not to everybody’s tastes and indeed budgets. Many universities are feeling the impact of the rise in fees and therefore feel pressured to offer a better student experience, this comes with new build halls and higher prices. The smart student can cut their bills in half with a bit of research, patience and some well appointed advice, this is where we come in. We’ll help you navigate the reasons for choosing one other the other and take you through what your options are year-by-year. Of course, there are questions you need to get sorted first, can you cope with a shared kitchen, shared bathroom? Are you a social creature, or are you okay with living outside of the the bright lights and the big city? Are you independent or will you have or need financial assistance? We will help you answer these big questions and more, to find you somewhere you can be happy and comfortable in these exciting years.