Student Deals & Discounts

Many of the biggest retailers and brands in the UK attract students with great discounts ranging from 10% to even 20% off. On this page, we list all the best student discounts and deals for you to browse and compare. To save you time checking if each of your favourite individual stores has a discount we have an exhaustive list of them all right here. We have it all, offers on eating out at the best restaurants, huge savings on alcohol for cheaper pre-drinking, deals on transport including trains, coaches and Uber and as technology promo codes. Pick up freebies, fashion discounts and much much more. Next time you are thinking about spending your hard-earned loan, come to the Student Bunker Student deals and discounts page and find a voucher to reap the savings. When you are a savvy shopper there’s no reason, or excuse, to be a skint student.Some stores require an NUS card to obtain your discount, buy one on the NUS website. You can buy cards that last 1, 2 or 3 years. So, if you are prepared and buy when you are a fresher you are covered for your whole degree. To see all available discounts make sure to download the NUS app. Always come here and see if you can get it even cheaper, or find our exclusive codes! Other deals can only be picked up when you register for a free Unidays account. You may be required to enter in your uni credentials at checkout. Some shops insist on you entering your student credentials, so be sure to have your id with you.

Now, once you find an offer on our page that catches your beady eye, you can click the green button to be directed to the appropriate page on the store’s website to purchase the product. Be sure to copy the voucher code in the pop-up box, which will flash up immediately after you click the offer button. You will be able to add the voucher code at the store checkout, have your Unidays or student id on hand in case you need to verify your student status.

How to Get Student Discounts

Check our page regularly to see what currently on offer. We list student deals and discounts from all the top UK retailers, so there really is something for everyone. We update our offers daily, our team of experts find you all the latest promotions, and you can even sign up to an email alert to get deals as soon as they are published. When you are simply too lazy, or tired – we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt – you will want to shop online and the easiest and the best place to find the latest wide variety of student discounts is right here. Simply browse our voucher codes and get savings upwards of 20%.

Discounts You Can Get Today


Get a free meal from Uber simply download the Ubereats app, available on both Android and the Apple devices, and your account will be credited with £10 as a new customer incentive. If you are already an Uber customer you can link your payment details to your Uber Eats account and pay from your phone.


Odeon, Cineworld and Empire Cinemas all offer student prices typically a couple of quid cheaper than regular norms – sorry adult – prices.

Student Bank Account

When choosing or switching your student bank account be sure to check the incentives on offer. Banks compete hard for your custom – students are a lucrative target market – so the top banks offer you attractive incentives to open an account with them.


With Santander, you get a free 16- 25 Railcard as a signing up bonus

Natwest & RBS

Get a 4 Year National Express Coachcard with Natwest & RBS as a welcome gift.

Yo Sushi

Join the Yo Sushi Love Club to get 25% off. Available only on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. You will need an NUS, UCAS or International Student card to register.

Co-op Food

Now you have to cook for yourself you’ll definitely want to pinch as many pennies as you possibly can. When you look at your weekly food shop you may be slightly crestfallen, well no more, you can save a huge amount doing your grocery shop at Co-op Food. You save 10% off everything, every time you shop. Now for the cherry on top of the proverbial cake. This discount also works in conjunction with Co-op sales and offers, so you can have your cake – and eat it too! See if you have a local Co-op Food store and start taking advantage of this awesome student perk.


At Mcdonalds, hungry students can get a free cheeseburger, Mayo Chicken Wrap or McFlurry Original chucked in when they buy an Extra Value Meal or Wrap Meal. Remember to have your student id or Unidays id when ordering or risk going home slightly hungrier – or more out of pocket – than you had planned.


Contract up for renewal? Why not switch to an O2 Refresh contract, not only will you get a free 16-25 Railcard, you also 20% off your Airtime Plan.


Apple offer education pricing which gives huge savings on Ipads and MacBooks. Apple’s education pricing is available to uni students, parents of uni students, teachers and staff. You can save as much as 15% off Macbooks; you save up to £339 on a new Mac when you also buy Apple Care. Or buy an Ipad with a saving of 5% which works out at £50. You need to verify your student status with your Unidays card id or uni’s letter of acceptance.

BBC IPlayer

Whilst, not a student discount this rather strange loophole means you can watch BBC IPlayer without a TV license. We’re sure many students panicked when the BBC announced that a TV license is required to watch IPlayer. However, this is not strictly the case. If your parents have a TV license, at your main non-term time residence, you can watch TV on their licence. This only applies to battery powered electronics like mobile phones, tablets and laptops. So, if you want to watch IPlayer make sure you do it on a portable device (and check your parents have a TV license). Unplug your device from the mains first or get thrown in the slammer. More likely you will be fined, but in any case, you weill be left red faced.