What Do You Think Of Meeting Someone On An App?

meeting someone on an app

The internet has revolutionised the way we socialise. Whether it’s stalking people you went to school with, people on your course or someone you have never met before – you will have used websites and apps to communicate. Would you feel weird about meeting someone on an app?

As a teenager, the biggest things were Myspace and Bebo (yes I am showing my age here) until Facebook came along. Internet security was pretty lax but it was a worry that you would talk to people you didn’t know. How was I to know if I spoke to random people if they were actually my age or they were who they said they were.


The Rise Of The Dating Site

Dating in the modern world has changed the way we communicate. Blind dates might seem old fashioned but it is essentially how dating with apps works. Yes, you might have seen a picture but it can be pretty vague with a description of the person in question but that is probably about it. Websites like Plenty of Fish and Match.com were more about working on the perfect profile and how you would be perceived through that. It isn’t just about sex.

Meeting someone on a dating app has got a lot more common than before. Instead of going to the website for profiles, you can sit and pick someone with your phone in your hand. A younger generation of people are heading to dating apps to find a match rather than meeting someone without one. What is the reasoning for this? Well, life gets busy. If you are at university, in a job etc you might not want to go out “on the pull.” Millennials want to meet someone they have common ground with. Dating apps removes the unknown and the chase, allowing you to choose someone who is a better match.

meeting someone on an app

The App Stats

Tinder is possibly one of the most well-known dating apps. It was one of the main apps since its launch in 2012. In 2015, there were an estimated 50 million users across the world. There are about 1.4 billion swipes on Tinder every day. There are around 26 million matches every single day. In 2015, there was around 79% of millennials using the dating app.


What Millennials Want

It seems despite the fact that millennials have so much exposure to stuff on the internet and are brought up with so many different cultures and traditions you would think there might be a confusion over what they want as they grow up.

William Hingham, the CEO of The Next Big Thing says, “Imagine the ‘family values of the 1950s combined with the social liberalism of the 1970s; that’s today’s young people.”  This coincides with 57% of 16 to 24 year olds that want to get married and 58% that want to settle down and have kids.

As these ideals have begun something to strive to, it seems only logical for young people to choose dating apps to narrow down the “field.”


meeting someone on an app

What Apps Can I Use?

There is a variety of dating apps for you to try. Here is a little run-down of some of them.

  • Double – nervous to go on a date with a stranger? They can bring a friend and so can you!
  • Happn – allows you to find people you have crossed paths with. Seen someone cute in a pub or down the street? They might just have Happn
  • Bumble – The girls take control by being the person to make the first mood. You have 24 hours to say something and then the connection will be lost
  • Tinder – Swipe left or right to people in your area. You’ll see similar interests and information dragged from your Facebook.


Would you be open to meeting someone on an app? Let us know in the comments below.

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