Where To Get Free Books As A Student

student gets free books

The best things in life are free! Students should take advantage of reading as much as possible, not just leaving it for your course books. Reading books will keep your mind active and will give you an outlet to relax. Free books are the best books, so here is a few places to find them;



Gumtree is one of those great websites that you can find nearly everything on. Simply search for what you want in an area near you. You will be able to find loads of free books in the area to pick up! Just make sure you are careful when going to a strangers house and you might feel more comfortable going with a friend or a housemate.



Libraries remind me of going to school. However, libraries shouldn’t just be for coursebooks. It is the ultimate way to get free books! If you don’t want to take up too much room then it means you can finish them and hand them back! Win win! You can look online and see what libraries are near you and what they have inside! IF you sign up for a library card then you will be able to renew your books too in case it takes a while to read them!


Free EBooks

Reading online is much more of a thing that is has ever been. You might be put off from looking for these as you might not have a Kindle but fear not! You can get eBooks on iPads, iPhones and Android phones. Look online for a wide range of novels, comics and much more!


Book Swaps

There are man places you will be able to swap books. Look online to see if there are places to get books to swap. There are places where you will able to pick books at your leisure. If you go to hotels and hostels then there is probably books left behind that you can swap with one of yours. In some places you might find these in Little Free Library, usually on a residential street. Also look for the smallest libraries in phone boxes across the country.  Alternatively, you can use the website Read It Swap It online!


Do you know anywhere else that gives away free books? Let us know in the comments below!

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