90’s Technology and Gaming Nostalgia

We don’t care how young you are – during your lifetime, you will have almost certainly seen staggering changes in the kind of technology that you can pick up off the shelf and buy.

Whether that technology is for work purposes – for example, a desktop PC or laptop of some kind – or instead a largely recreational device such as a TV or DVD player, whatever you purchase in the year 2016, it will almost certainly be markedly different from what you would have bought just a few years earlier.

Of course, there are good reasons for such relentless change – not least that technology has done so much to enhance all manner of aspects of our lives. Since the emergence of the first major consumer product, the broadcast receiver in the early 20th century, consumer technology has developed at an ever-greater pace.

We’ve had telephones, VCRs, electronic music instruments, karaoke machines, camcorders, portable music players and so much more, and with much more recent developments including the likes of smartwatches, virtual reality headsets and wider ‘smart home’ technology, the journey is far from over yet. Of course, quite a lot of once important technology is now useless. Check our our Defunct Technology Infographic.

Take a look at our incredible rundown of ’90s technology & gaming nostalgia


What does all of the above have to do with… well, anything at all? Well, here at MyVoucherCodes, in recognition of our status as the place to land great deals on the complete range of popular consumer technology products from such household name stores as Game, Microsoft and Currys, we thought to ourselves, “how could we possibly convey just how much technology has progressed in recent years?”

Then, we hit upon a solution. We would put together an infographic documenting just 13 of the technologies that will be remembered most fondly by those who were kids in the 1990s – in other words, a large proportion of our current customer base. Covering everything from the Game Boy Color (yes, that’s Nintendo’s ‘misspelling’, not ours) and Furby to the Tamagotchi and Lava Lamps, we shone a light on many of the products that seemingly no ’90s household could do without.

You may have been the kid who coveted and cherished these toys, video games and other indispensable consumer technologies of the ’90s, or alternatively, we might have to give you our commiserations if you were the long-suffering parent who had to save up for all of this stuff!

Thankfully, MyVoucherCodes now exists to give mothers, fathers, guardians and other relatives some much-needed respite when trying to get the best deals on the most sought-after technology. But back then, you might have actually needed to cut out voucher codes from a newspaper, and everything (the horror, the horror).

A ‘who’s who’ of the technology that made a decade

When we look back on a decade in our young lives, we might remember it by many things – the clothes we wore, the schoolyard pranks, the hottie we snogged around the back of the bicycle shed (if we were old enough for that kind of thing).

Chances are, however, that your memories are also marked by encounters with certain technology. Who, in the ’90s, didn’t get frustrated by their Windows 95 PC constantly crashing, adore that Discman that they carried around everywhere with them, and that they thought made them look so cool (but that they would cringe so hard at the sight of now) or enjoy intense Mario Kart 64 battles with their friends? So much ’90s technology was instrumental in our day-to-day lives.

Many of the items featured on our list of incredible ’90s tech may have completely slipped your mind over the years – when was the very last time you depended on Teletext for news or weather reports, for example, and how old was your last Tamagotchi when it went to the digital heaven in the sky and you placed that little plastic egg in the cupboard, never to be reached for again?

The more things change, the more they stay the same

If there’s one thing that our list of ’90s technology might tell you – other than that you had some great as well as terrible tastes in electronics that decade – it’s that nothing ever really changes that much, no matter how much more advanced the specification sheets may become.

Sure, we have iPhones now, but the functions now fulfilled by your smartphone were previously the responsibility of several other devices, such as the aforementioned Discman. Similarly, today’s video game consoles may offer once-unimaginable graphical, audio and game play sophistication, but the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 also once represented the very cutting edge. So did the previous-generation Sega Mega Drive, which in terms of the pure, unadulterated fun that it can still provide, might give a lot of today’s gaming platforms a run for their money.

Looking further forward, it seems that we are now increasingly in the era of ‘smart’ everything – smart toasters, smart thermostats, smart Tiddlywinks (alright, we’ve not checked whether those exist, but it’s probably only a matter of time). This is to say nothing of the likes of drones and wearable technology that is so ‘wearable’, it is actually implanted in your body.

But then again, even all of those state-of-the-art developments are basically just evolutions of what we already have. They are therefore yet more signs that whatever heights of technological sophistication we may reach in the years to come, everything has to come from somewhere and some of the most indispensable technologies of the future are likely to be more familiar to our 2016 selves than we might presume.

Our current deals offer amazing possibilities for saving on technology

But enough about the past… what does the present tell us about our technology purchasing habits and priorities? While, here at MyVoucherCodes, we can’t offer a comprehensive answer to that, one thing that we do know will never change is the attractiveness of the most competitively priced technology.

Today, there are more potential ways to save money on consumer electronics than ever before. However, the average technology user today – particularly Millennials who are highly tech-proficient and used to being able to find what they need to find straight away – also probably have less patience than ever before when it comes to hunting out those great deals.

We aren’t merely claiming that – according to one recent study by Microsoft, the average human attention span is now just eight seconds, down from twelve seconds in 2000. That’s lower than the proverbial goldfish, which apparently has a nine second attention span. So, you might not be quite as willing as you were 15 years ago – or indeed, as your parents were – to look high and low for a decent money-off deal on the consumer technology that characterises the present decade.

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While, in the ’90s, your folks may have practically camped outside toy stores to be the first in the queue for the latest must-have gadget, in 2016, you can keep your hair dry and shop for great technology-related deals to your heart’s content in the comfort and warmth of your own home. It’s all possible with MyVoucherCodes!

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