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Your 2017 Money Saving Plan

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Our 2017 Money Saving Plan will Help you Save

Are you looking for 2017 to be a good year for you and your family financially?

Do you want to find yourself with money to spare at the end of the month?

And would it be nice to be able to pay off your bills on time?

Well, now is the time to start, and we can show you how! As we look to pay off the excesses of Christmas and New Year celebrations, we aim to show you how to manage your money and save in 2017 with our useful video guide.

Starting the year as you mean to go on is one of the most important considerations when it comes to saving money for the bigger things in life. No matter what your budget, there are plenty of ways you can start saving, from cutting out unnecessary expenditure to shopping around for better deals. So check out our video for more tips

Discussing the money saving video our Managing Director, Chris Reilly, said:

“It may feel hard to get out of a debt cycle and pay for necessities, let alone thinking about putting money away to save. However our tips will guide you through little changes which can make big differences to your bank account and should help you to start saving money, even if it’s just a few pounds a month to begin with.”

He added:

“It can be daunting even looking at how to cut your outgoings, not knowing where to start, but hopefully our tips will help you start to make a dent in your debts and set you on the road to being a regular saver. Make 2017 the year you change your financial outlook and get your finances in shape.“

I want to save so what can I afford to save?

  • Review how much spare cash you are left with each month.
  • Total how much of this you can put towards savings.

Savings goal

  • Set your savings goal amount: base it on what you can afford to save each month.

If you don’t have any spare cash left each month then…..

Blast your debts first

  • Credit and store cards, overdrafts and loans charge you interest on what you owe each month – clear these first to keep costs down.
  • Transfer your balance on credit and store cards to interest free cards.
  • Consolidate loans and overdrafts for lower interest premiums.
  • Stop spending on your credit and store cards, and keep out of your overdraft – make a monthly budget and stick to it.

The cut list

What spending habits do you have that you could cut down or out

  • Cut down – Takeaways and eating out; takeaway coffee and buying pre-prepared lunches.
  • Cut down – Entertainment such as cinema or going to the pub.
  • Cut out – Memberships you don’t use, such as the gym or subscription boxes.

Switch and save

Switching your big bills and accounts could see additional savings:

  • Use Compare the Market and Go Compare to see if you can save money by switching suppliers for TV, gas, electricity and mobile phone.
  • Use uSwitch and Money to find the best current accounts and savings accounts.
  • Use The Energy Saving Trust for advice on how to save energy in your home, renewable energy and home energy efficiency.
  • Shop around when making big purchases.

Check My Voucher Codes for money off discounts before you buy.

Use comparison sites like Google Shopping, MySupermarket and Price Runner.


Keep track of all your incomings and outgoings

  • How much you are paying off your debts.
  • Your bills and other outgoings.
  • How much you are saving.

Ask yourself

“Do I need this?” when buying anything.


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