What Would Barbie Look Like in Real Life?

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If a woman existed with Barbie proportions, what would she look like compared to a normal woman with average body proportions? Using average body proportions, a model of a normal 19 year old woman was created. Then, a woman was brought to life using Barbie proportions.

The body measurements for the 19 year old woman come from CDC.gov..

163.3 cm height
85.4 cm waist
35.8 cm upper arm length
36.7 cm upper leg length

Barbie, at 1/6 scale, would be 175.26 cm in height and have the following measurements…

175.26 cm height
91.44 cm bust
45.72 cm waist
83.82 cm hips
55.88 cm head circumference
22.86 neck circumference

Yes, Barbie is just a toy. At the same time, it’s a toy which young girls play with and want to be like. If we assume that Barbie is 19 years old, shouldn’t girls have access to toys which resemble realistic proportions?

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