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I’m Dreaming of Christmas Sunshine

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Christmas can be a crazy busy and expensive time, wouldn’t you just love to get away from it all and spend Christmas day sipping cocktails on a tropical beach somewhere instead? Well we found that 58% of people in the UK would love to do the same! Our research shows just over half of us would prefer to escape the cold and go on holiday somewhere hot for Christmas rather than spend it at home. So, it seems 50% of us would love to get some Christmas Sunshine to beat off the Winter Blues.

There can be a lot of stress put on families for Christmas Day, but as we have found it doesn’t have to be so. With average families spending lots of money on just Christmas Day including food and drink, decorations and gifts, by cutting out all this you could spend the money on going away instead. It’s also worth remembering that not everyone celebrates Christmas, or many people have to work and that some people are on their own.

We polled a total of 2,158 UK adults, all over the age of 18 asking them whether they would like to spend Christmas at home or away. We found that 30% of people would like to go away for Christmas and out of those, a massive 58% would like to go abroad somewhere hot!

Our results:

  • Christmas Sunshine: Abroad somewhere hot – 58%
  • Abroad somewhere cold – 23%
  • A cottage in the UK – 12%
  • A hotel in the UK – 5%
  • Abroad seeing family – 2%

The cold can get too much for people in the UK it seems, so we decided to ask those wanting to go away for Christmas why they did not want to be spending it at home, we found:

  • I want to have a change – 53%
  • I don’t like the cold weather – 23%
  • I want to go somewhere Christmassy like Lapland– 19%
  • I don’t celebrate Christmas – 3%
  • Family live abroad – 1%
  • Get away from family – 1%

Travelling at Christmas needn’t be expensive, if you take out the cost of buying food and drink and decorations as well as gifts for people. Instead put that money towards a holiday, you can have a different experience and make new memories and you never know start a new tradition of not celebrating Christmas at home.

Our Managing Director, Chris Reilly spoke about the results:

“Christmas can be a stressful time with pressure to create the ‘perfect’ Christmas for family and friends, coupled with the cold and miserable weather we can have at this time of year in the UK it can make people feeling a little glum. So it’s no surprise that many Brits want to get away from it all and go somewhere hot.”

He added:

“For many people Christmas can feel like you’re doing the same thing year after year. A different experience at Christmas might just be what you need, a Christmas spent sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere hot is one you won’t forget in a hurry!”


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