Packing Tips: How to Stay Within the Luggage Allowance

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It’s all very well booking a budget flight, but by the time all of the added extras have totted up, it all gets rather expensive. What’s most infuriating though is the extortionate cost of bringing a suitcase – how dare they make us pay for the possessions that we simply can’t live without!

If you’re a frequent flyer, this added cost of the meagre luggage allowance is something that you could really do without, so here are some tips to reduce what you bring without compromising what you pack:

Hand Luggage:

Some people may assume that hand luggage means the average handbag – WRONG. You can actually bring a small suitcase that has dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, which is surprisingly quite roomy. So I suggest going to the shop with your tape measure and buying one not so much as a cm smaller. Also your case can usually weigh around 10KG, which is only 5KG lighter than some airlines allow for checked luggage.


When taking hand luggage on board, any liquids have to be no more than 100ml. Luckily these handy mini versions can be bought from most pharmacies and supermarkets. To keep the cost down further, you could also get re-fillable bottles and just use the products you already have at home. Liquids are the one thing that makes your luggage heavier anyway, so this is actually an added bonus.

Clothing and Accessories:

It really does make sense to write a list of what you actually need before you start to just mindlessly throw things into your case. This way you won’t end up packing anything unnecessary, leading you to question whether you should also take a stow away bag. If you must take big jackets, jumpers, boots and even chunky jewellery, then wear it all onto the plane, it will give you more room in your case for the lighter items.

Airlines offering free luggage allowance:

it’s worth checking with your airline if they offer a free luggage allowance, especially if you’re flying long haul for a longer period of time.

BA – free allowance size of 90cm x 75cm x 43cm
Swiss – free general economy allowance of 23KG, increasing in weight on long distance flights
Virgin Atlantic – Up to 90 x 75 x 43cm weighing 23KG free luggage allowance

As you can see these airlines aren’t the cheapest, but you can still get great deals if you book in advance. With budget airlines like EasyJet and Ryanair, you will have to pay for the extras – as the saying goes: ‘ you get what you pay for’.

Checked luggage:

If you can only afford a budget airline and you have booked in advance, then you have probably got a pretty good deal anyway, however you can always cut down the costs. If you are travelling with a partner, or a small group then you can share your checked luggage bag. This way you can pack all of your heavy toiletries and footwear into the bigger suitcase and put your more personal items in your hand luggage case. Split the cost between you and paying for your luggage doesn’t seem as bad.

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