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Seasonal Buying Calendar

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Use our handy seasonal infographic to land great bargains right through the year

If you spend any time at all perusing our site here at MyVoucherCodes, you will have already got a sense of just how committed we are to bringing you the most incredible deals for all manner of in-demand products. From fashion, food and restaurants to home, health and days out, we really do embrace every category, as well as seemingly every major brand that happens to offer voucher codes, including Asos, M&S, Argos, Clarks, Nike, Groupon and so many more.

Furthermore, those of you who regularly take advantage of our offers will know that they don’t relent in number or quality at any time of year. This brings us onto another tantalising subject for committed money-savers… is it possible to reduce costs still further by making most or all of your purchases of certain products during particular months?

Introducing our cash-saving Seasonal buying guide calendar

MyVoucherCodes Seasonal Buying Calendar InfographicCredit:MyVoucherCodes 

Well, we’ve crunched, analysed, sliced and diced the numbers so that you don’t have to, and ultimately come up with a complete list of what products you should buy, and at what times of year, if you are to shave potentially hundreds of pounds from your annual budget.

Some of the results are a little on the predictable side. For example, who’d have thought that gym memberships would drop in price in February, at a time when so many people are already ditching their fitness-oriented New Year resolutions in favour of lazy nights in front of the TV? Come to think of it, televisions themselves are also cheaper during the second month of the year.

We’re sure you’ll be profoundly shocked, too, by the news that houses are at their cheapest in November – after all, it’s hardly as if people at such a time of year are eager to sell their existing properties quickly so that they can move into their new home in time for Christmas.

But there were some shock results, too

That said, some of the results of our research do make you wonder what really motivates people to buy certain items at certain times, and why prices may drop especially steeply during a given month. It’s interesting to see that in June, for instance, summer drinks are particularly inexpensive, presumably a reflection of the eagerness of the UK’s bars and pubs to keep tempting in the punters, even as more of us begin to spend a greater proportion of our time outside.

We also found it curious that summer clothing is so affordable at the height of summer in August, which we imagine is largely due to retailers wishing to shift their leftover seasonal stock before Blighty’s traditional greyness and drizzle makes its triumphant return. After all, it’s not as if British summers are renowned for their length! Couple this knowledge with the savings available on our ASOS and Marks & Spencer pages and you’re laughing.

Looking back towards the later stages of the year, we also found ourselves pondering why books and video games are at their cheapest in November. Surely, the winter is exactly the kind of time when many of us  buy stimulating video games or stock up on some good books to enjoy on a rainy day, wouldn’t this theoretically drive up prices? It’s another demonstration of how the cheapest products available each season aren’t necessarily the last ones that you would actually want to buy at that time of year. Our Amazon page is the perfect place to start looking for bargains of this nature. Another example of this is power tools, an obvious Christmas gift for dad. Buy them in December. The perfect place to get an even better deal is on our Wickes page

The perfect way to plan your seasonal shopping!

Our carefully formulated list of the cheapest products to buy during the respective seasons isn’t merely an object of curiosity – you really can use it in the most practical sense, to plan your expenditure on various items right through the coming 12 months.

We are in June right now, for example, so you may take the chance to invest in a new laptop or kettle. Check out our latest offers on our Currys and Argos pages to maximise the discount. while both of these products are priced particularly keenly. Fast-forward to August, and if you weren’t pleased with your ‘beach body’ this summer, why not prepare for next year at the earliest opportunity by acquiring all of the fitness clothes and equipment that you will need for the next few seasons?

As you look through our infographic, you will notice the many opportunities to grab sought-after items for less, during months when their importance can be conveniently (for you) forgotten by some of your fellow shoppers. So many of the most typical outdoorsy items, including surf gear, convertible cars and garden furniture are available at a relative snip as autumn sets in.  Ok, convertible cars won’t be an option for most, but you can certainly check out our from Homebase page and grab some outdoor bargains ready for the next summer. Meanwhile, for those who are still prepared to brave the elements or who simply yearn for a bit of winter sun, it’s great news that cruises are less expensive during September as well.

Come the spring months, some very different products suddenly become very attainable. These include digital cameras and golf memberships, which both plummet in price in March – the perfect time to ready yourself for some hard-earned free time teeing off on your favourite course, all while snapping your endeavours, just a few months down the line when the weather improves.

Intelligent bargain-hunting with MyVoucherCodes

Take a careful look at our full infographic to discover the astoundingly broad range of items and services on which you could yet save big over the next few months, simply by purchasing at the most opportune times. Combine these already-low prices with the great money off vouchers we offer here at MyVoucherCodes, and you really do have no excuse for your next 12 months not being your most frugal to date!


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