He Said, She Said: The MyVoucherCodes Valentine’s Day Infographic

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What Men & Women Really Think of Valentines

He said what?? She wants that?? The amazing results of our Valentine’s Day survey

14th February is hurtling rapidly towards us, which means that you are probably in one of two camps. You are either one of a couple and hopefully head-over-heels in love, feverishly anticipating how to mark this special day with your honey… or you’re single and wish everyone would stop asking you why you aren’t already halfway down the aisle with someone special.

Whatever you make of Valentine’s Day, and whatever (if anything) you plan to do for it, we reckon the results of our new poll will raise a few chuckles… well, either that or some resigned sighs of recognition.

Yes, that’s right… we quizzed men and women across the UK on all kinds of Valentine’s Day topics, from their present buying-intentions this year to the worst gifts they had received on past Valentine’s Days, and everything else in-between. Just scroll down to see the amazing results!

Are you buying your beloved a gift this Valentine’s Day?

Whether or not you are one of the 54% of females or 71% of males who said they will be buying their loved one a present for Valentine’s Day, here at MyVoucherCodes, we know it can be tricky sometimes to afford a present – indeed, 35% of men who said they would not be buying their partner a gift blamed the cost.

This strikes us as a terrible shame. After all, even if you agree with one of the common responses to our survey of giving “small tokens of appreciation often, rather than one big one once a year”, there’s something so magical about Valentine’s Day, and the right gift is sure to be appreciated by your loved one. Nor, thanks to MyVoucherCodes, does a good present necessarily need to leave you out of pocket.

Furthermore, you will find some great ideas of gifts to buy in our survey, which found that 34% of females want to be taken on holiday or on a romantic break, while 45% of males want to go out for a romantic dinner. Some other gifts requested by women included an engagement ring, theatre tickets and a teddy bear, with men citing the likes of a new car, crate of beers and (weirdly) Darth Vader mask. Read our infographic below to see some of the other bizarre responses we received!

Find great Valentine’s bargains with MyVoucherCodes!

If reading the above has suddenly put you in a panic of “oh darn it, I’d not even thought of buying a gift”, don’t worry – here at MyVoucherCodes, we are here to help with a broad, regularly updated assortment of brilliant Valentine’s Day special offers.

Turn to us for incredible discounted goods for Valentine’s Day from the following stores…

So… what else did our surveyed couples say?

Well, don’t tell us we didn’t warn you. They do say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and there were certainly some amusing, thought-provoking and plain old tragic differences between the sexes, but also a fair few similarities – plus a couple of results that may surprise you.

Who would have guessed, for example, that one woman we surveyed didn’t appreciate her man getting her a Cadbury Milk Tray (which, to be fair, we think had more to do with a certain other ‘gift’)? Or that one of the guys polled would cite an ironing board as the worst Valentine’s Day gift they’d ever received?

Take a look at our full valentines day infographic below for yourself – some of the results are ‘interesting’ to say the least!


MyVoucherCodes Valentines Day InfographicCredit:MyVoucherCodes

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  1. […] Read the complete infographic at the My Voucher Codes website for the full list of responses, which we're sure will be a source of amusement even for those enduring the most disastrous Valentine's Day. […]

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