The Great British Garden

45% of the British public believe that a garden is a very important factor when buying a new home. Knowing just how important a bit of outdoor space is to the British public, we at MyVoucherCodes decided to do some research and ask the public what qualities they look for in their dream garden.

We discovered some fascinating trends about what Britain’s ideal garden looks like, and with a little help, we have designed ‘The Great British Garden’.

To bring the Great British Garden to life, we commissioned a survey to 2001 members* of the British public to find out what their idea of a perfect garden would look like. We asked questions about their current outdoor space, as well as their garden goals. We found that:

  • - 5% of the public do not have access to outdoor space
  • - 13% of the public are not happy with their current outdoor space
  • - 60% of the public would like their garden to be flat
  • - 57% of the public would like all day sun
  • - 50% of the public do not want their garden overlooked

Alongside survey results, search trend research and expert garden advice from Wendy Desyllas – A horticultural researcher for television, MyVoucherCodes have created a 360-degree video of The Great British Garden using CGI with the help of Stephen Thomas from CGNerd.

Our survey results highlighted that these are the elements the British public would like in a garden space:

  • - Grass flooring (68%) rather than artificial grass (17%)
  • - A space to grow fruit and vegetables (51% would like to grow their own)
  • - Aspects to encourage wildlife (80% of the public want to encourage wildlife to their gardens)
  • - A stone paving pathway across the garden (68% prefer a stone path to tarmac or gravel)
  • - Preference to a medium sized garden (165 sqm)
  • - 42% of the public would like their garden to be shaded naturally and 69% of the public would like to plant trees in their garden
  • - Most commonly, the public would like plants planted in pots and planters
  • - Lighting to be placed along the pathways and seating areas

  • To encourage wildlife, Wendy Desyllas informed us that it’s important to make sure the plants in our gardens are flowering all year round. In the Great British Garden we have changed our flowers seasonally. In spring you’ll find the Tufted Pansy and Magnolia and in autumn you’ll find the Hardy Garden Verbena and the Michalmas Daisy Monch. Summer will allow Geraniums to grow and in Winter you’ll be able to find Alaskan Holly.



    When looking at seating choices for The Great British Garden, the survey results showed us that 56% of the public would like a table and chairs and 32% would like a bench in their Great British Garden. The garden bench would be present in the Great British Garden throughout spring, summer and autumn as we found that garden benches aren’t searched for over the winter season. Next to the outdoor seating you will find a pizza oven (22% of respondents would like a pizza oven) and an outdoor BBQ (35%).



    Other accessories and appliances found in The Great British Garden:

    • - Bird feeder and water access as 80% of the public want to encourage wildlife to their outdoor space
    • - Outdoor heating present, as it’s searched for all year around
    • - Shed (60% of respondents) to be the main garden storage
    • - Greenhouse (44% of respondents) in the garden to grow fruit and vegetables
    • - Stone statue and a windchime were requested by over a quarter of respondents
    • - A treehouse is wanted by 38% of those between 25-34 years old
    • - Childs play swing is wanted by 26% of respondents and is searched for over summer
    • - A hot tub is used in the garden throughout spring and summer

    *An online survey was conducted by Atomik Research among 2,001 UK adults. The research fieldwork took place between 22nd and 24th May 2018. Atomik Research is an independent creative market research agency that employs MRS-certified researchers and abides to MRS code.