The UK Wedding Index

Organising your wedding day can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Whilst you and your significant other may rarely decide on the TV choices or what restaurant to go to, you will now have to make even more important decisions...

Where do you tie the knot? What theme do you choose? How much money can you part with? These are just a few of the questions you will soon be puzzled by. You may have found the partner of your dreams, but now is the time to organise the wedding of your dreams.

Location is everything - you are after ‘the one’; speedy and efficient suppliers, an array of venues to match your style and of course, a location which lacks in rainfall. So, just how do you choose a picture-perfect, crowd-pleasing location to reflect your happy ever after?

We have recently conducted research into over 80 of the most populous towns and cities in the UK to make your search that much easier. We have ranked every location on various factors to reach our top wedding winners.

We ranked every location on:
Churches & Cathedrals per square mile of city/town
Wedding Venues per square mile of city/town
Average Accommodation Cost on AirBnb for 1 Night
Wedding Dress Shops per square mile of city/town
Wedding Photographers per square mile of city/town
Wedding Florists per square mile of city/town
Wedding Transport per square mile of city/town
Days of Rainfall
Instagram Wedding Tags

Where Is The Best City In The UK To Get Married?

Coming out as the #1 wedding location is Watford. The town in Hertfordshire has a whole lot of choice when it comes to traditional churches and cathedrals with around 6 per square mile. When it comes to transport, you won't struggle for options, as there are approximately 27 transport hire firms per square mile. There might not be as many Insta tags as you may like, #whocares when you have your pick of the bunch for the majority of other factors.

Where Is The Worst City In The UK To Get Married?

140 miles west and we reach Newport - possibly the UK’s worst place to get hitched. With a lack of wedding venues and a higher than average cost of accommodation, you may find yourself at a loss organising a day to remember here.

It’s also a good fitting that the area is popular for Insta tags, with 35,353 snaps being tagged, because finding your own wedding photographer may be difficult too. Unfortunately, there isn't even 1 official photographer per every sq mile.

The Top Tier Wedding Locations

If you’ve always dreamt of a classic church wedding then Cardiff could be a great choice. With a whopping 6.63 churches per sq mile, you will certainly be spoilt for choice. However, if you are less of a traditionalist and fancy saying ‘I Do’ in a barn, tent, hall or another alternative venue, Bournemouth could be your ideal location. The seaside resort doesn't just have 7 miles of beaches and picturesque wedding backdrops, but it also has an average of 2.36 alternative wedding venues per sq mile.

Happy guests mean happy newlyweds, right? If you are looking for the right accommodation with the right price tag, an Airbnb could be a great option. Rotherham comes in first place for affordability at only £45 with Milton Keynes as runner up, costing just an extra £1.

Saying yes to the dress can be a fun yet difficult task for any bride-to-be, but perhaps it could be a little less stressful with an array of bridal shops to choose from. Bournemouth has the most amount of bridal shops, with almost 1 shop in every square mile.
Photographers are a vital part of a wedding day. After all, you want your day to be beautifully documented and you need to feel comfortable in front of your chosen photographer. Cheltenham could be the perfect place to find your shutterbug - with an average of 2.17 available per sq mile.

In first place for wedding florists is Norwich, with just under 3 per every sq mile.

Watford is the go-to destination for transport hire with a generous 30 firms to make your day much smoother.

Believe it or not, Southend-On-Sea is also the least rainy place with only 101 days of rainfall. If you are looking for a bright and clear wedding day in the UK the resort town could be your best bet.

You can view the full data & research here.