Weird Birthday Gifts

by Joel Hamer

Published: 03 Jun 2019

Candles are widely appreciated, flowers are a firm favourite and chocolate always goes down a treat, but what if you want to give a birthday gift that’s a little bit… odd?

If you’ve got a friend with a wicked sense of humour or you simply like causing chaos, these unusual birthday presents will be right up your street. From portable saunas and snail secretion facemasks, to the world’s strangest book, quirky gifts are becoming ever more popular.

Retailers like Prezzybox and are full of fabulously peculiar gifts. Amazon has also been jumping on the bizarre gift bandwagon, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Just make sure whoever you give a weird birthday present to can handle a little strangeness, otherwise you might get a cake to the face!

Home and garden

There’s all sorts of weird presents for your bestie's home and garden.

If your friend enjoys long soaks in the tub, get them some unicorn poo bath bombs to make their bath time more magical.

Got a friend that gets a bit flustered in the kitchen? A for fox sake tea towel could be the ideal gift.

Books, slippers and inflatables

Forget adorable puppy slippers, get some weird but cute blobfish slippers for your animal-loving friend instead.

Maybe you could add a note with the slippers saying ‘I saw its face and thought of you’ for added giggles!

If you know someone who has a love-hate relationship with their cat, get them this bizarre book to help them better understand their kitty.

Meanwhile, an inflatable Zimmer frame is a gentle but funny way to point out how old they are getting.

Cards and wrapping

To complete the weird theme, you may want to consider going all out with some pretty odd stationery.

You could get your face (or the recipient’s face) printed all over some wrapping paper to cover their bonkers present with.

Saying ‘Happy Birthday’ is so last year, so, if your friend has a sense of humour, you can remind them how useless they are with some pessimistic balloons instead.

There’s also hundreds of funny and unusual birthday cards, check out Moonpig for some hilarious results.

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