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†Buy Back Plus Terms & Conditions - 1. Buy Back Plus is only available for purchase on foreign currency bank notes or travellers’ cheques from Sainsbury’s Travel Money bureaux. Buy Back Plus is not available with the purchase of Sainsbury's Bank Cash Passport™ prepaid MasterCard® currency card, our home delivery service or telephone orders. 2. A £3.99 fee for Buy Back Plus will be applied to each item and each foreign currency in your order. Example: if you buy Euros as cash and Euros as travellers’ cheques, you will be charged a fee of £3.99 on each item, making the total due £7.98. If you also buy US Dollars as cash or travellers’ cheques, a third fee of £3.99 would apply making the total due £11.97. Should you decide not to purchase Buy Back Plus for your entire order, your purchase will be divided into separate transactions. 3. We do not buy back foreign currency coins. 4. You must return your unused foreign currency bank notes or travellers’ cheques within 31 days of the original transaction. 5. Any benefit to customers from Buy Back Plus is dependent on the difference between our sell rate at the time the currency is bought and our normal buy back rate at the time the currency is returned. 6. Buy Back Plus is non-transferable. You must bring your original receipt and this completed Buy Back Plus leaflet with you when you return your foreign currency. 7. The maximum value that can be returned cannot exceed the original amount purchased, (the maximum transaction value on Buy Back Plus is £5,000 instore, £2,500 online). 8. If your transaction is eligible for Nectar points, these points will be awarded on the net value of your order (i.e. the total Sterling value of the original transaction less the total Sterling value of the Buy Back Plus transaction). All points will be processed after the 31 day Buy Back Plus time limit has expired. 9. Buy Back Plus is provided by Travelex Agency Services Limited. Registered Office: 65 Kingsway, London WC2B 6TD. Registered in England and Wales under number 4621879. 10. Travelex reserves the right to change the terms of or withdraw Buy Back Plus at any time and with immediate effect, without liability to you.

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