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To eat in or to eat out? That is the question. Along with, of course, which category to indulge in - Italian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, French, and so on…If you can’t face cooking, these are the vital questions you need to answer and quickly, if you don’t want to face a revolt from your tummy! To help you decide, we’ve weighed up the options: go to a restaurant or bar and you’ll be waited on hand and foot, you’ll enjoy the amazing cuisine and you’ll have got out of the house for a bit. And, if you opt for a takeaway: you still won’t have to cook but be able to enjoy home comforts such as your lovely sofa and TV, or a film, along with, again, some fantastic food. It’s your choice. Either way, use our fabulous money saving restaurant and takeaway vouchers, promotions and deals, and you’ll save yourself a packet on a delicious, satisfying, and more importantly, prepared meal.