How we make money

Although we understand it may seem too good to be true, using our discount codes is totally free and for most offers. Like all businesses, however, we need to make money and we do this via commission-based relationships that our commercial team have built with a range of popular brands and retailers.

How does this work?

Essentially, we may earn a small percentage from a retailer every time someone uses a code on our website or clicks through to a sale. When you click through to a website, we drop a cookie that lets the retailer know you’ve come through MyVoucherCodes, and that’s it! By using this model, we’re able to pay our hard-working employees and do what we do without charging our customers a penny.

Are there any other ways that MyVoucherCodes makes money?

Yes. We also make money by offering the brands we work with the chance to buy some extra space on our website; in turn, giving more exposure to their biggest and best discounts. Think of it as an additional advertisement.

Do I have to create an account with MyVoucherCodes to access offers?

No, you don’t. Many offers, codes and discounts can be accessed through our website without the need to create an account. However, redeeming rewards will require setting up an account, whilst other offers like student discounts will need online verification as well.

If you decide to set up an account, it is free to do so. Registering is easy to do, and can be done via our Login/Sign Up page.

How can we afford to give rewards to our subscribers?

If you sign up with MyVoucherCodes, you can start earning rewards with certain retailers every time you shop. This is still completely free, and we’re able to provide this service as the commission we earn covers the cost of the voucher. This then means that we can offer a special discount to our registered customers. To find out more about our rewards programme, please visit the FAQs page.

Is MyVoucherCodes Genuine?

In short, yes! We’re a group of deal finders, content writers, commercial managers, tech experts and savings enthusiasts. We try our best to offer the highest quality money-saving service we can, and we make our money from the retailer as a thank you for driving the sale.

MyVoucherCodes is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.