Back to School Vouchers 2018

Get great offers on school uniforms, study essentials, back packs, laptops & tablets, stationary and more! With huge discounts & deals from the biggest retailers like Argos, Currys, PC World, Amazon, John Lewis, F&F and Clarks, you can get your kids kitted out, for less. Don't miss these amazing savings on everything you'll need.

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Going back to school can be expensive especially for families with lots of school age children. There are new teachers, new friends to make and new challenges to face with exams, plus of course the pressures of growing up. For parents, there’s so much to take care of, from the school uniform to sports kits, stationery and bags. Lots of companies have caught on to this and now have affordable options. You’ll find some fantastic money saving school uniform vouchers on this page. We’ve collected the best deals around as you can see below.

Most of the UK supermarkets offer great deals on back to school uniforms, with some full uniforms coming in at less than a fiver! Lidl's back to school uniform is priced at just £3.75, this is a flat price unrestricted to size, so you can kit out the whole brood for £3.75 each. A note of warning in 2016 the Lidl school uniform range sold out within a week. We’d advise parents to consider whether a higher quality uniform might be better value for money long term. The Mirror has tested uniforms across the UK's biggest supermarkets, with Tesco’s coming in 1st place priced at £9.50 a uniform and Aldi bringing up the rear with each uniform costing just £3.75. Remember, a school uniform needs to last at least a term or even a year, so before you buy ask yourself will a budget uniform last 40 weeks? With these cost effective uniforms and deals, whatever the school dress code, you should be able to stock up for a whole year for well under £20.

Textbooks are out of favour and tablets are in. But, not all schools provide classroom tablets, and with iPads costing upwards of £300, it's imperative parents secure a bargain when buying for their school age kids. Check out some of our tablet offers up the page. There’s no need to spend so much on a tablet when cheap alternatives exist, the Amazon fire is under £50. If you’re unsure which tablet to buy check with your child’s school, ask which specific operating system and functionality they need, this buying guide from gives a detailed analysis of the best options. We have all the latest vouchers for both tablets and laptops from retailers like Currys PC World, Amazon and Argos, so sort out your computing needs now.

Stationary items add up too, children will need writing books, pens, pencils and highlighters as well protractors and compasses for maths. Stores like Ryman, The Works and WH Smith have dedicated stationary sections and Back to School is an important revenue driver for those businesses, so expect discounts across the ranges.

Once parents have bought everything on their lists they need to think about getting the kids back into a routine. Set a consistent bedtime and an alarm to get up for the school run! There are loads of brilliant tips to help you and the kids transition smoothly back into the school term at If your child’s school does not provide school lunches, it’s worth spending time researching and planning how you can provide a healthy balanced lunch box every day. Also rather than just speaking to teachers once a term at the dreaded school parents evenings, why not take an active approach and get to know your kids school teachers? This way you can communicate any worries and fears you have and vice versa, this will only lead to a happier environment for both the teacher and child, not to mention yourself!

Back to School offers aren’t just for the kids, they also regularly feature office furniture and appliances, so if you work from home you can renew your home office and buy the kid’s stuff at the same time. You may be too old for school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bag a bargain as well.

If you are setting off on your uni journey or simply returning for a brand new year, there are all sorts of gadgets, home appliances and kitchenware you’ll need to look after yourself properly. From fresher’s fashion deals, kitchenware and tech, get organised and don’t be the only one on campus without pots and pans. Grab deals from Very, Amazon and Asos. Matalan has a range of homeware and uni essentials check your items off their checklist one by one to be super organised and prepared for whatever the new term throws at you.

Parents it’s time to celebrate, the kids (whatever their age) are packed and ready for a new term of school or uni and your job is over. It’s time to rejoice as the job of minding your children is removed and the teachers now take the burden! We all love our children, but we at understand that finding ways of entertaining the kids over the summer can be a little challenging. So, sit back and relax, you have saved a good chunk of money, and the kids are out from under your feet and back at school.