About MyVoucherCodes

Our mission

The MyVoucherCodes mission is simple - we want to save you money when you're shopping online. With over 1,500 retailers, 13,000 offers live across our site, and 4.2 million visitors per month, we’ve been one of the UK’s biggest voucher code sites for a whopping 16 years!

We’re proud of the fact that we were the very first discount code website in the UK. With a massive £45 million saved for our users and an incredible 2 million transactions in 2021, that’s an average of £22.50 saved per shopper.

When you see our mascot, Wally, the wallet in the top left of your browser, you can bet you’re not far away from saving a few quid.

Our history

Back in 2006, 26-year-old Mark Pearson created MyVoucherCodes, the UK’s first discount code website. Since then, we’ve gone on to work with over 95,000 retailers, bringing our customers over 760,000 offers. 16 years later, we’re still committed to saving you money with our discount codes and deals.

  • 2006: Mark Pearson launches the first UK-based discount code website, MyVoucherCodes with a site made for only £300.

  • 2007: The company grows to include a tech team in Rotheram, and a sales team in Glasgow. But Mark keeps things affordable by running the company from his bedroom.

  • 2009: An office in Croydon is opened, the company grows, and the headquarters are no longer located in Marks's bedroom.

  • 2011:MyVoucherCodes moves to central London, opening up opportunities to work with retailers, and offer bigger and better discounts.

  • 2014: MyVoucherCodes parent company is bought by Monitise, who are specialists in online marketing. Mark Pearson leaves the company and goes on to invest and mentor.

  • 2017: UK-based price comparison site GoCompare buys MyVoucherCodes and forms GoCo Group.

  • 2020: MyVoucherCodes start offering student discounts and gift cards, saving customers even more money.

  • 2021:MyVoucherCodes joins Future PLC, the UK’s largest magazine publisher.

Our team

You don’t go that long in the business without some serious talent behind the scenes. We have some of the UK Voucher industry’s top experts on our team; from people who have spent a decade brokering deals which deliver the best exclusive discount codes for our consumers, to our highly qualified software developers who endlessly fine-tune our technology to make sure your voucher code works properly, every single time. Together we’re focused on bringing you the best exclusive discount codes, deal updates and money-saving advice. With folks in Bath, Cardiff & London, working closely with retailers across fashion, travel, technology, home & garden, health & beauty, food & drink and more to bring you the best savings around.

Commercial team ▼
At the beating heart of the MyVoucherCodes business you’ll find the Commercial team. Using decades of combined experience, they negotiate hard with the UK’s most popular stores to get exclusive discount codes for our shoppers. These deals are bigger and better than your average discount and you won’t find them anywhere else!
Deal experts ▼
Our deal experts are essentially online discount explorers. They scour the web for the best discount codes and deals around and load them onto our website for you to use, for free. Because of our deal experts, on MyVoucherCodes you’ll not only find exclusive discounts, but also a rundown of all the latest offers and sales on the web, all in one place and updated daily.
Category editors ▼
Specialists in their chosen categories, our editors are experts at saving money in a specific area. Whether it’s Technology, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Food & Drink, Home & Garden or Travel, they manage our web pages and produce content that aims to save you money, beyond the savings you get with our discount codes and offers.
Tech team ▼
We couldn’t do what we do without our website. Our tech team are whizzes when it comes to making the voucher code experience nice and easy for you. While our team is made up of people, we also have some clever tech that makes finding the best discount codes a little easier for our deal experts and offers you an even better service at the same time. And that’s all thanks to our tech team.

How it works

With over 13,000 codes and over 1,500 retailers across our site, a lot of work goes into finding the freshest deals for our customers. And there are a lot of people, and some seriously clever tech involved in offering you that discount.

How is MyVoucherCodes free? ▼
We get it. It seems a little too good to be true. Getting money off without having to do anything is a pretty great deal, so what's the catch? The good news is that there is no catch. To keep things running, we have to make money. But the money we make doesn’t come out of your pocket.

When someone uses one of our discount codes or deals, or you click through to a sale, we get a little bit of commission from the retailer. So, you’re getting the saving without any strings attached.

We also make money by offering the retailers we work with the ability to buy some extra space on our website, to highlight their biggest and best discounts. With our front-page carousel, you’ll find a ton of offers that the stores want to get out there.

And that’s how we can afford to pay the salaries of a talented bunch of tech whizzes, savings experts, deal aficionados and commercial colleagues.

Our partners & our family

MyVoucherCodes joined the Future family in 2020. With more than 220 leading brands in technology, gaming, music, women’s lifestyle, TV & entertainment, sports and more under its umbrella, being part of the Future family has its perks.

With millions of visitors checking out websites, magazines, events and social spaces every year, they’ve got trusted experts on a whole host of hobbies, interests and lifestyles.

Being part of Future means we’re not only backed by one of the UK’s biggest and most successful businesses, but it also means we’re in good company. With experts from brands like TechRadar, Real Homes, GoCompare and Marie Claire on hand to lend us their knowledge & advice. So, on top of our 16 years of expertise saving you money, we’ve also got a ton of trusted partners that can help us save you even more cash.

What else do we offer?

Our mission is to help save you money, and that doesn’t stop at voucher codes. We create all sorts of content to help you get more bang for your buck. With blog articles, savings guides, sales calendars, student and NHS discount hubs, Black Friday content and newsletter updates, we’ve got a ton of content that’s geared towards saving you some money.

On every retailer page, we answer some of those burning questions, give you a little background on the retailer, and offer advice on ways to save that are personalised for that particular retailer. It's packed with tips on where to look for the best discounts, and some industry tricks.

MyVoucherCodes is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.