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Domino's Vouchers 2017

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Active Domino's Promo Codes, Discount Codes, Voucher Codes & Deals for April 2017

  • Two For Tuesday

    Get This Offer
    • While Stocks Last
    • Terms & Conditions

    Buy one medium or large pizza and get one free with out paying any extra money by using this fantastic deal. This fantastic offer is only available Tuesdays.

    Terms & Conditions

    1. To order online, you must click on the Deals section of the website and order using the ‘Two for Tuesday’ option.
    2. Offer valid with medium and large pizzas only (unless ordering the gluten free option)
    3. Gluten Free pizzas are only available in small
    4· Only valid with medium or large pizzas.
    5· Free pizza must not exceed the value of the first.
    6· Offer cannot be used with any other offer or deal.
    7· Valid between 09:00hrs and 23:59hrs (subject to store opening hours) on Tuesdays only.
    8· Valid for a limited time only at participating stores.
    9· Subject to availability.
    10· Collection or delivery but delivery areas & minimum delivery spends may apply, please ask your local store for details.
    11· Offer available in the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland) only.

  • 20% Off When You Spend £20 Online

    Get Voucher Code
    • Ends: 30/04/2017
    • Terms & Conditions
    Only 5 days left - Ends: 30/04/2017 -

    A delicious feast can be yours for a reduced price from Domino's via this money saving promotional code.

    Terms & Conditions

    • You must spend £20 at full menu price in order to get 20% off.
    • Valid for a limited time and at participating stores only.
    • Online only.
    • Not valid with any other offer or deal.
    • Valid until midnight Sunday 30th April 2017
    • Subject to availability.
    • Discount voucher codes cannot be redeemed against ice cream, drinks or 14/21 piece chicken sides.
    • Any ice creams, drinks or 14/21 piece chicken sides products which are in your basket will not be included in calculating your minimum spend.
    • Other exclusions may apply, please ask in store for details.
    • To see our general terms and conditions, see our page 'boring legal stuff' at dominos.co.uk.

    Offers for Domino's were last updated Tuesday 4 April 2017 15:32

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    Domino's is a favourite amongst the UK’s takeaway pizza lovers. It's easy to see why; the pizzas are created to order using freshly made dough, lovingly, and liberally, sprinkled with delicious cheese and quality toppings of your choice, then baked to perfection before being delivered to your door. Domino's also sell tasty sides, deserts and drinks, making it the perfect choice for celebrations, get-togethers and the times where you simply can't face cooking. Domino's pride themselves on offering great money saving deals and first class delivery service. If you want the very latest Domino’s Pizza vouchers, discount codes, as well as all the biggest onsite offers, you're certainly come to the right place. So, the next time you want to order in, MyVoucherCodes Domino's vouchers are a great reason why you shouldn't feel guilty. MyVoucherCodes aims to deliver the only thing which could make ordering Domino's even better: an absolute bargain.
    Domino's Pizza Shopping Guide
    Written by Category SpecialistAmy MacGregor
    Dominos Pizza vouchers homepage image

    More information about Domino's Pizza

    Do you fancy Domino's tonight? Do you ever not fancy Domino's Pizza?
    Everybody loves pizza right? And most of us shop at Domino's, after all it’s the world’s biggest pizza chain with over 10,000 outlets in 70 countries across the world.
    In 2012 the business was renamed as simply Domino's, and that’s no surprise as these days, besides pizza, they offer so much more.

    How about a few dough balls for a starter? Or maybe just as a snack? You can get pepperoni dough balls, twisted dough balls, garlic pizza bread as many different varieties of chicken wings. It doesn't even stop at savoury, there are delicious desserts such as brownies and cookies to get your teeth stuck into as well as a mouth watering selection of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream tubs. Strippers anyone? Try chicken strippers, chicken kickers, red hot wings and potato wedges, as sides, or as something to get the juices flowing.

    The pizzas come in Personal, Small, Medium and Large sizes, with a whopping 10 slices in the large. There's pretty much every flavour you’d expect, but you’re also welcome to create your own. Or, if you can’t decide which to have why not go for a half and half?

    Great gifts from Domino's Pizza

    When the hunger pangs hit and the pizza cravings start, you can rely on Domino’s to provide the solution. MyVoucherCodes.co.uk make each mouthful even more satisfying with a host of discounts and vouchers for dozens of Domino’s locations across the UK. Check out our selection of discounts and deals discover what your nearest Domino’s Pizza is serving up - but first allow us to give you a flavour of the delicious recipes you can expect to savour.

    Best Ideas For Chicken Pizzas: Chicken Toppings

    Domino’s has an excellent selection of pizzas inspired by a variety of chicken dishes which give their pizzas an exotic touch. The Portuguese inspired Peri-Peri chicken or the Italian classic, Creamy Chicken Carbonara, offer a break from conventional pizza toppings, or why not blend your pizza with something fruity and go for Apricot Chicken or Chicken and Cranberry.

    Best Ideas for Exotic Pizzas: European Inspired Toppings

    The European-inspired toppings don’t end with chicken. For a combination of classic cheeses and prawn dishes on a pizza, Domino’s serve up a delicious helping of prawn, bacon and feta, a garlic prawn pizza or a Chicken & Camembert. And for lovers of Mediterranean dishes, why not try the mouth-watering new addition, Lamb Tzatziki.

    Best Pizzas for Traditionalists: Meat Feasts

    If you like the traditional choice of pizzas loaded with a selection of meat toppings, Domino’s does not disappoint. The Godfather, Loaded Meatlovers and Mr Wedge are Domino’s classics. They have been joined by the tempting BBQ Meatlovers topped with cured bacon, pepperoni, smoked ham, ground beef and Italian sausage. This pizza has everything you can image from the butcher’s counter served on the crust of your choice.

    Best Pizza Ideas for Vegetarians: Healthy Options

    Vegetarians have not been forgotten at Domino’s either. Unlike many pizza places that only offer one or two vegetarian options, Domino’s mixes things up with a good choice of healthy options for vegetarians such as the Vegorama, the Deli Vege and the Camembert and the Veg Trio. And of course, there is always the option of the classic Margherita, the simple cheese pizza or popular cheesy garlic.

    Best Pizzas Ideas for The Undecided: Make Your Own

    With so many tempting pizza toppings to choose from at Domino’s, making a decision can be difficult. But the Dons of Domino’s have even found a way around that by allowing customers to build your own pizza or order one pizza with two toppings, half and half style. You even have a great choice of crust options to choose from together with drinks, sides and desserts. And now you can order online, ordering pizza has never been so easy.

    Whenever you are overtaken by pizza hunger pangs, you know you can rely on Domino’s. And don’t forget to take advantage of the voucher codes on offer. Whether you’re ordering delivery or collection, you can be guaranteed of delicious deals at Domino’s Pizza.

    Ideas For Traditional Dishes On Pizzas

    If you’re familiar with the Domino’s Pizza menu, you may have noticed the selection of pizza toppings that have been influenced by classic European dishes. Inspired tastes include the Creamy Chicken Carbonara, the spicy Portuguese dish, Peri-Peri Chicken and the new Greek-inspired flavour of Lamb Tzatziki.

    Given our penchant for pizza and classic European dishes, we thought it would be fun to put a list of potential pizza toppings together that you can try at home and add a bit of variety into meal times. Take a look at these mouth-watering recipes.

    Serbian Ajvar Pizza

    Ajvar is a traditional autumn dish served in Serbia. Consisting of a blend of chunky red peppers, garlic, and eggplant smoked and roasted over an open fire, Ajvar is a perfect combination to throw on top of a pizza base. Season the topping with a splash of olive oil, vinegar and a sprinkle of pepper and you have a delicious pizza with a difference.

    Cypriot Souvlakia Pizza

    Made from chunky pieces of roasted pork, skewered and slowly cooked over a char-grill, Souvlakia is one of the most mouth-watering meat flavours you can ever wish to taste. Garnish the dish with roasted onions and peppers and you have a perfect pizza topping that blows traditional pizzas out of the wood oven.

    Vaud-Style Tarte Flambee From Switzerland

    The vaud-style Tarte Flambee is actually Switzerland’s answer to ancient pizza. Made on a thin, light and crispy dough, the dish has been a staple mountain diet since AD879. Essentially, the Tarte Flambee is a pizza without being a real pizza, but the topping of chopped potato, spring onions, thin slices of succulent Vaud cabbage sausage swamped in a bed of crème fraiche is an ideal choice of pizza topping that is full of flavor and healthy richness.

    Birchermüesil pizza

    Healthy and pizzas are not words that are often mentioned in the same sentence, but we decided to change that by adding Birchermüesli to our list of alternative home-made pizza toppings. The healthy snack consisting of oat flakes, grated apples, sliced bananas, sultanas and nuts was fashioned by the Swiss doctor, Maximillian Oskar Bircher-Brenner in the early 20th Century and makes a lovely combination for a fruity pizza for the health-conscious eater.

    Chocolate and Chestnut Truffle Pizza

    Being as we’re going for weird and wonderful pizzas with a difference, why not do what the Brazilians do and have a dessert style pizza. We like the sound of chocolate and chestnut truffle because there is no better combination than natural tastes of the Amazon - cocoa and nut. And once you add the truffle element, you have a delicious pizza topping with a touch of sophistication. Of course, when you are not in the mood for making home-made pizza, there is always the option to order pizza made by the professionals at Domino’s. So don’t forget to take advantage of our excellent voucher deals and get a discount off your next Domino’s Pizza order.

    Example Vouchers and Deals

    Pizza, wedges or dough balls, they all taste so good, and even if you do order too much you can always eat it cold for lunch tomorrow. You’ll be even more tempted when you go to the Domino's site through My Voucher Codes and save some of your hard earned cash, or maybe you’ll choose to get more great food for free. Here’s a small selection of some of the fantatsic vouchers, offers and discount codes we've promoted in the past. From time to time, these offers may be active again - so check the top of the page to see if they are indeed live.

    Two for one on lunchtime pizza orders at Domino's Pizza

    How tempting is that? Pizza for lunch. Brighten up the days of the team in your office, or even at home by ordering pizza to be delivered for lunch. If this special offer is live you can grab a code from My Voucher Codes to get a second pizza absolutely free – you’re going to be popular!

    25% student discounts on orders of over £25 at Domino's Pizza with NUS Extra

    Students and pizza are a great combination. Great for a hard night’s study when breaking off to cook is too much to ask. And great when you can’t quite find the energy required to do anything but order online from Domino's.

    Two for one in carryout special at Domino's Pizza

    When you can make your way to the Domino's up the road, there’s a special bonus for you if you order through My Voucher Codes. You may be able to get an extra pizza for up to the same price for free, and all you have to do is collect them.

    Large Pizza, Potato Wedges, Chicken Strippers, Garlic Pizza Bread, Twisted Dough Balls, Cookies plus Bottle of Drink Only £24.99

    This popular deal means there's a feast for the whole family at the click of a button. A large ten slice pizza, and all the trimmings for just £24.99!

    Exclusive – 35% off when you spend £35 or more.

    Find everything you want on the site, and then save yourself another 35%. It sounds too good to be true, and sure enough offers like this one don’t hang around for long.

    20% Off When You Spend £25

    Pick some great food and receive 20% off if you spend £25 or more

    Domino's Menu

    Thinking of having pizza tonight? Lucky you, you deserve a treat anyway with everything you have to put up with. Domino's don't do everyday pizzas, Domino's is simply on another level to your regular frozen supermarket margherita.

    There's so many fantastic options to choose from at Dominos, you're going to need to have a serious think. You might need to have major discussions with your friends, friendships could be on the line! With our vouchers you needn't worry, you can get more for less and everyone can have the pizza of their choice. Contemplate the Dominos menu to see what's currently on offer, the favourites of your fellow customers and more.

    Maybe you are after a speciality pizza, then you want to have a look at the Chef's Best pizzas for gourmet flavours and unexpected topping combinations. There's also affordable pizzas available. Check out value pizza's like Pepperoni and Simply Cheese.

    Your dietary requirements are considered, for celiacs there is a range of gluten free pizzas. You can also 'Build Your Own Pizza'. choose your base, sauce, toppings and even cheese, max out everything you love and make sure your pizza has no nasty surprises waiting for you.

    Redeeming your Dominos Vouchers

    Shopping online at dominos.co.uk is easy, and we make it cheaper too.To take advantage of one of our Domino's special offers or deals all you need to do is, log on, copy your code, and order your feast:

    1. Order everything you need.
    2. Add your sides, desserts and drinks.
    3. Click on ‘checkout’.
    4. Paste your code into the ‘voucher’ box.
    5. Collect your feast, or wait for the delivery.

    FAQs for Dominos Voucher Codes

    The Vouchers don't work

    Discount codes change frequently so you might have an expired code. It’s worth searching the latest deals on the Domino's page and trying again. If there seems to be a mistake, please contact us and we'll look into it for you straight away.

    I can’t find my code

    When you click on a voucher code it usually opens in a new window – just copy it, then paste it in the box when you checkout. However, many of the deals won’t need a code as the offer will be applied automatically at the checkout. If this is the case, you just need to browse the website and choose what you’re after and check the prices before you pay.


    Domino's Contact Details

    Domino's Pizza Group plc
    1 Thornbury West
    Milton Keynes
    MK6 4BB

    Telephone - 01908 580000


    Archived Domino's Discount Codes

    IssuedCode DescriptionCode
    23/04/2017Buy 1 Large Pizza, 1 Tasty Chicken Side, 1 Sumptuous Side And Two 500ml Bottles Of Drink For £21.99No Code Required
    23/04/2017Buy 1 Get 1 Free on PizzaNo Code Required
    02/04/201720% Off When You Spend £30LHQOGCGT
    31/03/2017Blackpool: 33% Off Orders Over £30SAVE0503
    31/03/2017Blackburn: £10 Off Orders Over £30DOMINWEB
    31/03/2017Edinburgh: £10 Off Orders Over £30MZUBFKHD
    31/03/2017Newcastle: £10 Off Orders Over £25WEBDISC1
    31/03/2017Birmingham: 30% Off Orders Over £30WBFF17C1
    31/03/2017Nationwide: 15% Off Orders Over £15YDYDEZLS