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    About Deliveroo

    Deliveroo is an amazing takeaway service that will allow you to get all of your favourite dishes and meals from the best restaurants near you. With some of the biggest names in the restaurant industry available, such as Pizza Express, Byron and Prezzo to name just a few, all of which do not offer their own delivery service. So if you are feeling peckish and fancy some good food, then get yourself onto Deliveroo and order you food using the latest Deliveroo promo codes and offers from MyVoucherCodes.

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    About Deliveroo

    Deliveroo is a food delivery company in the UK. It currently delivers across the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and Singapore.

    Deliveroo was founded in London in 2013 by Will Shu and Greg Orlowski. Their mission is to bring the best restaurants in the area to the comfort of your own home or office.

    Deliveroo allows you to order great food from the best local restaurants that may not have previously delivered.

    They work with hundreds and hundreds of restaurants - both chain and independent to deliver your food.

    Their team of drivers take great pride and priority in getting your food to you as quickly as roo-ly possible.

    Great Gifts From Deliveroo

    Best Gift Ideas for Japanese Food: Shoryu Deals

    When you want to sample the best Asian food in London from the comfort of your own home, give Shoryu a call or book online. Their signature ramen noodles are richer, thicker and meatier than any other Japanese take-aways in the big smoke. With a choice of flavoursome broths including kimchi, miso and tonkotsu, Shoryu dishes are packed full of ingredients and flavour. Choose from a range of seafood, bbq pork, chicken and vegetarian dishes for a belly-warming take-away meal.

    Best Gift Idea for Pizza: Vapiano deals

    Is there a better take-away than pizza? Yes, there is – award-winning take-away pizza. And that is exactly what you get when you place an order with Vapiano. The laid-back Italian pizza joint has a solid reputation of producing the most mouth-watering pizza in London. The home-made dough is baked in a stone-oven and topped with an assortment of fresh ingredients. Choose from a range of classic pizzas or go for a specialty blend such as the Italian spicy sausage Toscana or the Capricciosa topped with ham, mushrooms and artichokes. And if you don’t fancy a pizza, you can always opt for a delicious pasta dish or risotto.

    Best Gift Ideas for Sunday Lunch: Cote Brasserie

    Lovers of fine dining should take advantage of the delicious delicacies of Cote Brasserie. The sophisticated French cuisine is to die for – and if you feel like you’re dying from the extravagances of the night before, or if you didn’t have time to get a joint of meat in, don’t pass up on your Sunday Lunch. Have one delivered. With a choice of meats, grills, steaks and fish to choose from, there is no rule saying Sunday Lunch should be traditional – the only precedent is it should be extremely satisfying!

    Best Gift Ideas for Health Conscious: Fresh-Pressed Juice Drinks

    For a taste of Peru, Butifarra is the place to go. And thanks to their delivery service, you don’t actually have to go anywhere. They come to you. Specialising in traditional Peruvian street food, Butifarra is not only delicious, it’s also extremely healthy – especially when you throw in one of the homemade cold press juices. Made from freshly squeezed fruit you can choose from mouth-watering watermelon, ultra-health cucumber and kale, fruity pineapple or the signature Peruvian favourite, Chica Morada made from purple corn, cloves and cinnamon.

    Best Gift Ideas for Mexican Lovers: Tacos

    Tacos may seem like a food they only eat in American movies, but the delicious meat and veg delights wrapped in a corn or flour tortilla originate from Mexico. But they are great movie foods, so if you plan to settle in for the night with a good film, why not blend in some Mexican flavours and plump for a sumptuous taco filled with grilled chicken, succulent steak, beef, pork or the vegetarian option. To spice up the night, add a side dish of salsa.

    Whenever you fancy a take-away, don’t forget to check out our latest deals with Deliveroo and save yourself some dough on your next meal.

    How To Choose A Decent Wine From A Takeaway Menu

    There’s a growing trend among good quality restaurants to offer take-away meals. And many of them sell wine as well. So if you like a glass of wine to accompany your food, it helps if you know how to choose a decent bottle.

    Because wine significantly ups the price of a meal, you don’t want to risk choosing a bad one – or rather one you don’t like. But when faced with a list of wines you have never tried, how do you know which is the best wine for you?

    A 2015 survey commissioned by Asda found that almost 50% of diners choose the second cheapest bottle of wine on a menu. But this is not usually the best option. If cost is your first consideration, you are probably better off with the house wine. Otherwise, follow these tips:

    Go with a country

    If you’re accustomed to drinking inexpensive wine, you will probably be familiar with wines from various countries. So when choosing wine from a takeaway menu, the safest option is to go with a particular country.

    Wines can be split into Old World and New World countries. The Old World are the traditional countries such as Spain, Italy, France and Germany that have been producing wine for centuries. New World wines are South Africa, Chile, USA and Australia.

    It is typical for New World wines to name the grape the wine is made from. This makes it easier to select a wine you know you like if descriptions are not given. They are also subtler. Old World wines tend to be more complex, albeit more interesting.

    Choose a grape you like

    The type of grape in a wine is a significant factor. If you prefer light, crispy or dry wines, choose a white grape. Riesling and Chenin Blanc are sweet, whilst Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio are dry.

    Reds tend to be richer in components and blended with fruit. For a soft, neutral palette, Merlot or Syrah are good options, whereas Tempranillo, Shiraz and Carmenere have a hint of spice.

    Choose a youngish wine

    The idiom about wine getting better with age is not true for commercial wines sold in restaurants. These wines are designed for easy-drinking and should be refreshing and fruity. Therefore, a younger bottle, no more the three years old is the better option.

    You should use this rule if you are buying wine from the off-licence or supermarket as well. The reason why wines are on special offer is because they have passed their ideal consumption window or because it’s not selling very well – usually a sign it’s not worth buying.

    If you like a good bottle of wine with your meal, you will find a whole host of fine-dining and award-winning restaurants to sample on Deliveroo – many of which sell takeaway wine as well. And with the money you save with our incredible promo codes and voucher deals. With the help of a deliveroo voucher code you can push the boat out a little further and opt for a bottle of good quality wine.

    Deliveroo Promo Codes

    Here are some of the best Deliveroo vouchers and promo codes we hunted down in the past. So, hop back up the page to see if we haven't got anything that can satisfy your appetite and your wallet.

    • Spend £30 And Get £10 Back
    • Delivery From £2.50

    How Do I Redeem My Voucher Code?

    You can redeem the code on your Deliveroo order via the Deliveroo app. New customers will be able to use the website as well.

    If you use the Deliveroo app, click into your account and add the code into the "Enter a Promo Code." If you are on the website, add the code to the "Add a Code" section of the checkout. Easy peasy!

    What times can I order food from?

    Food can be ordered any time from noon to 11.30pm. Some restaurants might vary as they will open for the day time only or just for dinner. You will be able to see this when you look at the restaurants near you.

    What kind of restaurants are available on Deliveroo?

    There is a wide range of diverse food available with Deliveroo. You will see independent restaurants as well as chains that will be the same across the country, like Pho, Byron and Zizzi.

    The rise of the fancy delivery

    Food being delivered straight to your door is nothing new. We have had the luxury of ordering a pizza amongst other things for years. We then had a wave of apps and websites which allowed us to get our favorite local takeaways delivered quicker and there was no hassle if you didn't have any cash. Just Eat and Hungry House signs can be seen on nearly every kebab shop, pizza place and chicken joint you walk past.

    What was the next step after the easy to access local takeaway? The easy to access local restaurant. New apps and websites were introduced which worked with local independent and chain restaurants to deliver food to your home. Deliveroo was one of the first companies to try this. They started in Central London in 2013 and allowed you to get restaurant quality food brought straight to your door! This branched further out to different areas and then all over the world!

    Other apps aim to do something similar, like UberEats and Amazon Restaurants. UberEats is beginning to branch out but is currently only in a few places across Europe. They are expanding the reach in London already. Amazon delivering food is the next big thing for the global corporation. It is only valid for Amazon Prime customers.

    Why can't I pay on Deliveroo with cash?

    Deliveroo only we take card payments as it lets them provide a better experience. It is a safer working environment for the delivery men/women. Tips can be given to your drivers in cash.

    Is there a minimum order value?

    A minimum order will depend on what restaurant you are ordering from. However, an average minimum order is around £15

    Does ordering from Deliveroo affect the original price?

    Deliveroo encourages the restaurants on the app to use the same pricing but there might be a few exceptions. If you have any queries then contact the restaurant directly.

    Can I make an order in advance?

    You can make an order up to one day in advance and choose any time that suits you the most.

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    Archived Deliveroo Discount Codes

    IssuedCode DescriptionCode
    17/03/2018Starters from £3 at Zizzi in Richmond*******
    17/03/2018Pizzas from £10 at PizzaExpress in Richmond*******
    13/03/2018Yoghurts from £2.50 at Coco Di Mama in Margaret Street*******
    12/03/2018Seasonal Boxes from £19 at Crosstown Doughnuts*******
    11/03/2018Burgers from £11 at Bella Italia in York*******
    10/03/2018Classic Pizza from £8 at Bella Italia in York*******
    08/03/2018Classic Pasta from £3 at Bella Italia in York*******
    02/03/2018Beverages from £2 at Hippy Fish - Marylebone*******
    28/02/2018Wraps from £6 at Wrap It Up at Goodge Street*******