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About McDonalds

McDonalds is the world’s biggest fast food chain. Providing quick and convenient food on the go - from the Happy Meal to the McFlurry - everyone has a favourite from McDonald’s iconic menu.

With our money saving vouchers, you could make your cash go further at McDonalds. Whether you’re ordering a cheeseburger and fries, Big Mac, nuggets, a fillet-o-fish or a soft drink, our vouchers mean you’ll have change leftover. With special student discounts as well as low price promotions, there’ll always be something to help you cut back on fast food.

If you want to make every meal a happy one at Mcdonalds, check out the printable coupons and online vouchers from MyVoucherCodes – and see how much you can save at

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Since it first began as a barbecue joint in 1940, McDonalds has grown to become arguably the most famous fast food franchise in the world - with 34,000 restaurants worldwide and a global workforce of 1.8 million: it is certainly the largest. 90,000 of its employees are currently working in the UK alone, serving in 1,200 restaurants located up and down the country. McDonalds is not only famous for its food of course, as a company dedicated to providing career progression and community fundraising at a grassroots level, it continues to support local fundraising for community football as well as sponsorship for large events such as the Olympic Games.

With a wide range of outlets in the UK – from large-scale restaurants to drive-thru’s and small operations in retail parks, shopping centres, airport terminals and more – you’re never too far away from a McDonalds. As a result, you’re never too far from a great value meal either! It’s worth looking to see whether there’s an offer or discount code to help you save on your meal, so don’t forget to check before you order.

McDonalds for All the Family!

OK, so McDonald's is definitely fast food, it’s convenient and it’s relatively cheap. But it isn’t as bad as you might think. Over the past few years, it’s really gone out of its way to improve its reputation by running ad campaigns about the quality of its ingredients and adding healthier options to its menu.

For example, the beef they use in their burgers is 100% pure beef taken from the forequarter and flank of the cow, with a little salt and pepper added. There are no nasties added during the processing or cooking which is reassuring, especially if you’re taking the whole family for a treat. Each farm provides farm assured beef and each farmer is signed up to animal welfare assurance schemes such as Red Tractor.

The chicken in their chicken burgers and nuggets is to the same standard. And you might be surprised to know that they only ever use 100% chicken breast meat. So again, the stories you might have heard just aren’t true – no nasties. And similarly for the fish in their fish fingers and Filet o’ Fish. All of the fish they use is sourced from the Marine Stewardship Council certified fisheries. To me and you, that means the fish have been responsibly caught in sustainable fisheries, preserving smaller stocks and only fishing larger fish.

So it’s ticks all round for the meat and fish products, but what about everything else?

Ticks all round there, too. Their potatoes are chosen especially for their ability to create the perfect, long, chip, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Their coffee beans are responsibly sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. They’re freshly ground in store, making sure they hold in the flavour, giving you a great tasting caffeine hit. And their eggs are always from free range farms in Britain and Ireland that hold the Lion Quality Code of Practice.

McDonald's are also passionate about looking after the environment. Aside from sustainably sourcing their food, they have litter and recycling initiatives too. They have litter patrols around their restaurants every day and make sure that as much food waste and clean packaging is recycled as possible. In fact, McDonald's are working towards a goal of sending absolutely no waste to landfill.

They’re also working to use more renewable energy in their establishments. They’ve switched to energy-saving LED lights and super quick toasters to save even more energy. All staff are trained to use fewer resources too. And they’re committed to reducing water usage and have implemented things like waterless urinals to help cut water waste by around 200 million litres each year.

All these steps are making McDonald's a more ethical and nutritious place to eat. And a Big Mac and fries as a treat every now and again isn’t going to do anyone any harm!

So if you want to take your family for a McDonald's treat, take one of your voucher codes and get some great deals.

What’s Your Favourite on the McDonalds Menu?

We all have our favourites, whether it's grabbing something from the breakfast menu on the way to work, our tried and tested hangover cure (not normally from the breakfast menu which finishes earlier than we might get up, unless we’re unlucky enough for it to be a work day) or our best ever comfort food treat. McDonald's has been a staple in UK life for decades.

You might always choose the same, or you might browse the menu like you would in a ‘proper’ restaurant (and by proper, we just mean one with knives and forks…). You might try one of their special promotions that they regularly introduce or you might stick with the saver menu. Either way, you know what you’re getting and it’s definitely going to fill that need and itch that scratch of “I want McDonald's”!

The McDonalds Saver Menu

You’re hungry, you’re short on time and you’ve only got a handful of change in your pocket. What are you going to do? Well, with a McDonald's restaurant on practically every high street, and a drive thru on virtually all main roads, pop in and order some hot and filling food!

The Saver Menu is full of wraps, burgers, fries and salads. You can even get a McFlurry for dessert and a drink!

Vegetarians Also Welcome!

Don’t worry if you don’t eat meat, there’s still something on the McDonalds menu for you too. At breakfast choose delicious hash browns, toasted bagels, muffins and pancakes. For lunch, dinner or after drinks snacks, choose the Vegetable Deluxe or spice it up with the Spicy Vegetable Deluxe. Instead of a beef, chicken or fish patty, you get a glorious patty of chick peas, coriander and cumin, all with the usual salad and mayo in a toasted sesame seed bun. And of course, there’s also the fries, cooked in vegetable oils, the shaker side salad and bags of fruit and carrot sticks.

Healthier Options on the McDonalds Menu

It isn’t just burgers and fries. If you’re watching the calories, or you just want or prefer a healthier option, there’s still plenty of choices. Aside from the shaker side salads, there’s a great menu of wraps. The grilled chicken garlic mayo wrap is exactly what it says it is. Grilled chicken, not fried, meaning all the taste but fewer calories. It comes with a crispy salad and is all wrapped up in a toasted soft tortilla wrap. And if you’re really calorie counting, hold the garlic mayo!

There’s also a grilled chicken salad bowl, go for a fajita style dressing, or for fewer calories, go for a balsamic dressing. Or go for a totally naked salad. Either way, it’s delicious and nutritious.

Rumour has it that McDonald's are bringing their delivery service across the Atlantic to the UK too, so watch out for a McDonald's home delivery near you! But with or without a trip to McDonald's, make sure you check out our deals that we update all the time. Enjoy!

Example vouchers for McDonalds

From entertainment perks to exclusive money saving menu deals, here’s a small selection of the types of McDonald’s offers you’ll find on MyVoucherCodes:

  • Get 7th Cup of Coffee Free with Loyalty Card
  • Deli of the Day Only £1.99
  • Get 2 Cinema Tickets Offer On Lovefilm Trial Shop
  • Free Fries for Students with Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich Orders with NUS Extra
  • Sausage & Egg McMuffin and a Regular Coffee for £1.99 at McDonalds
  • How to redeem your McDonalds discount code

    If you wish to redeem a McDonalds voucher but haven’t used one before, don’t worry, it couldn’t be easier! If you’re eating in a local McDonald’s restaurant, all you’ll need to do is make sure you can save or view the voucher on your smartphone – then when you order at the counter, simply show it to the person who is serving you. Alternatively if you want to redeem a voucher online, you’ll need to copy & paste your code into the relevant box when you checkout.

    McDonald’s on your mobile

    Do you wish you could browse the menu in advance? Need to find out the nutritional ins and outs of a cheeseburger? Whatever you need to know about McDonalds, the mobile app can tell you. Available to download on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad; here’s a quick run-down of its very best features:

  • Restaurant Finder.
  • Get the location of your nearest McDonalds; find out directions, opening times and and filter by drive-thru’s, 24 hour outlets, baby-changing facilities and more.
  • Browse Promotions.
  • Be first to discover the best money saving offers and menu deals.
  • Menu.
  • Decide what you’ll have for breakfast, lunch or dinner in advance with all menus listed.
  • Nutritional Information.
  • Find out all kinds of nutritional info with full details on ingredients, calories content, allergies and more for all products.
  • My Meals.
  • Create your own combinations and find out the total number of calories in your favourite McDonalds meal.

    Birthday Parties at McDonalds

    Children have been enjoying birthday parties at McDonalds for decades. With its unbeatable combination of delicious food and party games, it remains the number one choice for many families. The current birthday party package promises an afternoon of fun and laughter for everyone involved – at just £5.99 per child you can expect the following:

  • A meal for every child including a choice of a hamburger, cheeseburger, 4 chicken McNuggets®, or 3 fish fingers - plus small fries, carrot or fruit bag and a small drink.
  • Reserved area and tables large enough to accommodate your party
  • Fully trained party entertainer to run the event for you
  • Special adventure gift for every child
  • Choice between a Jungle or Ocean Adventure themes, complete with stories and fancy dress products supplied

  • Ronald Mcdonald

    McDonalds Free Wi-Fi

    McDonald’s have recently installed high speed internet access in many of their UK restaurants, allowing you to get online wherever you happen to be. Enabled by O2 Wi-Fi, it’s completely free to use and monitored by the Mumsnet Family Friendly Wi-Fi programme to block any inappropriate content from being viewed. It’s super easy to use too – all you need to do is sign up to a McDonald’s hotspot once and from then on you will be signed in automatically whenever you are within range. It won’t use up any of your data allowance either, meaning you can feel free to sit back, relax and enjoy surfing the ‘net alongside your favourite McDonald’s meal.

    Student Offers at McDonalds

    If you’re a student, chances are you’re used to both eating on-the-go and saving money. Which is pretty handy actually, because it just so happens that you can do both at McDonalds! Just by flashing your student or NUS card you’ll automatically be eligible for loads of great perks like a free hamburger, cheeseburger or McFlurry when you buy an extra value meal, or, a free medium fries when you buy a Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich. Now that’s what we call a student perk! Just don’t forget your NUS Card when you go to pick up your next Maccy D’s fix…

    FAQs for Mcdonalds

    Where is my code?

    When you click on a voucher, it will pop up in a separate window. You will find the details of your code or offer here.

    Where do I enter my code?

    With most McDonalds vouchers you can either choose to show it in-store or enter a code during checkout. You might not always require a code remember – in this case simply refer to the page you have been redirected to or take advantage of the saver menu.

    Why isn’t my code working?

    If your code isn’t working it could be because you have come across an outdated or expired deal. Please check back to the top of this page and choose from the valid vouchers listed.


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      • 15/05/2018
      • Low Prices on Carrot Sticks
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      • 15/05/2018
      • Free McCafe Coffee with Loyalty Card
      • *******
      • 14/05/2018
      • Free Cheeseburger, Mcflurry Original or Mayo Chicken When You Buy Any Extra Value or Wrap Meal
      • *******
      • 04/05/2018
      • Great Prices on Desserts
      • *******
      • 04/05/2018
      • Great Prices on Wraps and Salads
      • *******
      • 24/04/2018
      • Free Wi-Fi
      • *******
      • 24/04/2018
      • Low Prices on Burgers
      • *******
      • 24/04/2018
      • Low Prices on Cappuccino
      • *******
      • 24/04/2018
      • Fruit Bag with Happy Meals for 49p
      • *******