Tips to Get Cheap Domino’s Pizza

There's nothing better than a Domino's Pizza, except maybe a cheap Domino's Pizza...

Italian pizza in a pizza box and for delivery, on a white background or table. Pizza Margarita with tomatoes and cheese and broccoli, without meat
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Takeaway pizza culture in the UK is a special thing. While we may see the US counterparts of our favourite pizzerias offering lower prices across the board, here in the United Kingdom, finding a delicious deal or discount is part of the experience. 

Here we’ll give a complete breakdown of how you can get cheap Domino’s Pizza in the UK in 2024.


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ProductPriceSizeCost per Square Inch
Garlic Pizza Bread£4.996 Inches£0.18
Large Garlic Spread & Herb Pizza£23.5913.5 Inches£0.16
Large Garlic Spread & Herb Pizza£9.99 (with Collection Perfection)13.5 Inches£0.06
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The bigger the pizza, the more value you get per square inch.
ProductPriceSizeCost per Square Inch
Small Cheese & Tomato Pizza£14.999.5 Inches£0.21
Medium Cheese & Tomato Pizza£18.9911.5 Inches£0.18
Large Cheese & Tomato Pizza£20.9913.5 Inches£0.14
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