Best Supermarket Dine-In Deals

From Cabernet chicken to Belgian chocolate dessert with a bottle of wine, who says you can’t have a budget-friendly fine dining date experience at home? In this article, we talk about the best value dine-in deals.

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Frequent dining out can burn a hole in our pockets, so when date night comes along, you feel like a nice meal is off the cards. Enter ‘dine-in deals’, a money-savvy foodie’s saving grace, making it possible to enjoy a nice dinner for two at home without breaking the bank. This article will guide you through the maze of available supermarket dinners for two deals to get the best value out of your budget-friendly meal. Also, ensure to maximise those savings with our guide to saving with supermarket reward schemes.

It should be noted that although these deals are widespread, they only run for part of the year, and your local supermarket may not have their dine-in-for-two deal available.

Marks & Spencers

M&S is considered a less budget-focused store for your weekly shop. However, regarding great value dine-in deals for you and your family or significant other, M&S holds its own. There are several types of dine-in sales, all at different price points.

Due to the sheer volume of dinner for two deals offered by Marks & Spencers, below is a list of available deals instead of a single deal with a breakdown. The best is the Ultimate night-in for £12 with a max saving of £7.50. 

  • The Pizza Night Dine In, one pizza, one side: £8 
  • Gastropub Dine-in: main, a side and either a starter or dessert: £12
  • Steak and Chips Dine In, steak and a side £12
  • Stir Fry Dine In, vegetables, protein, sauce and noodles £8
  • Fresh Pasta Dine In, fresh pasta, a sauce and bread £7
  • Italian Family Dine In, two mains and three extras for just £15


The Morrisons ‘Best Dine In For Two’ deal is an excellent value because it includes a bottle of wine. The value of the food itself isn’t anything to write home about and doesn’t have significant savings, but the bottle of wine works out free when paired with the £12 deal. If your local supermarket is Morrisons and you’re looking for a quiet meal, movie and wine, this option may be worthwhile.

  • Includes a main, side, dessert and a drink
  • Morrisons The Best Shorthorn Steak Pie £5.49, Morrisons The Best Maris Piper Dauphinoise Potatoes £2.75, Morrisons the Best Crem Brulees £3.79, Morrisons the Best Trentino Pinot Grigio £7.25
  • Total value £19.28 a £7.28 saving


Sainsbury’s also offers their version of a dine-in deal for two called the ‘Taste the Difference Two’ deal, which includes a main, side, dessert and an alcoholic or soft drink from the Sainsburys higher quality Taste The Difference range for just £12. 

  • Includes a main, side, dessert and a drink 
  • Beef Ranch Steaks with Garlic Butter £6, Chunky Triple Cook Chips £2.75, Winemaker's Collection Pinot Grigio 75cl £7, Sainsbury's St Clement's Cheesecake Slices £3.35
  • Total value: £19.10, a saving of £7.10


At Waitrose, you can enjoy three courses of high-quality food for two from the famous No.1 range with the Very Best Dine In For Two for £12. It’s well known that Waitrose is one of the country's most expensive high street supermarkets, but it also has a reputation for high quality, sustainably sourced food. For just £12 for a side, main course and dessert, it holds its own against the ‘cheaper’ brand mentioned above. 

  • Includes a main, side and dessert.
  • Main: No.1 Chicken And Prawn Paella £9.50, side No.1 Cauliflower & Broccoli Three Cheese Gratin £3.85, No.1 2 Sicilian Lemon Tarts £4.50
  • Total value: £17.85 a saving of £5.85


Fancy a creamy risotto or beef Wellington without spending a fortune? Tesco has you covered with ‘The Finest Dinner for Two’. Choose from a selection of mains, sides, drinks and desserts for two for just £12. Perfect for an evening when you and a partner just want a quiet, quality and affordable dinner at home.  

  • Includes a main, side, dessert and a drink
  • Tesco Finest Chicken In Cabernet Sauvignon £4.40, Tesco Finest Rosemary Roasted Parmentier Potatoes 380G £2.75, Tesco Finest 2 Pack Lemon Cheesecake Slices £3.25, Bottle Green x2 750Ml £5.80 
  • Total value £16.20 a saving of £4.20


Want an affordable night in but don’t want to dine on Asda’s value range? Check out the ‘Extra Special Meal for Two’ for only £12. Made up of Asda’s gourmet extra special range, you get a main, a side, a dessert and even a bottle of wine for just £12. From red wine lamb to red velvet cake, you can dine with a loved one without spending a fortune.  

  • Includes a main, side, dessert and a drink
  • Extra Special British Sirloin Steaks with Pink Peppercorn, Garlic & Herb Butter £5, Extra Special Triple Cook Chips £2.50, Extra Special 2 Belgian Chocolate Millionaire's Desserts £2.50, Extra Special Sauvignon Blanc £6.
  • Total value £16 a £4 saving 


The results are in, M&S has the biggest saving with a £7.50. However, it only has a starter, main and side. While Morrisons and Sainsbury’s come with a dessert and a drink for almost the same amount of savings. So personally i'd go with Sainsbury's for a good balance between quality and value.

Hopefully, this quick comparison guide has given you some ideas for a budget-friendly dinner date for two. In addition to information about the best deals and savings at supermarkets, we also have great advice on how to save on takeaway food and budget-friendly picnic ideas for outdoor date lovers. 

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