How Much Can Supermarket Reward Schemes Save You?

With so many supermarket reward schemes available, which ones are really worth joining?

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It’s hard not to notice food and drink prices soaring in the UK. We’re all seeing the cost of our food shops going up and feeling the pinch, it means we need to keep a beady eye on what we’re buying and try to find savvy ways to save on essentials. 

One thing worth considering is signing up for a supermarket loyalty or reward scheme. There are loads of them out there, but what are they and how much can they save you? We've written before about how shopping in the reduced section can help you save, the best dining in deals and how to save on your groceries. So why not add to this list and also take a deep dive into supermarket reward schemes so that you can give them food for thought and find the best one to help you save? 

Sarah-Jane Outten

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