School Summer Holiday Deals 2019

Summer is here, and it’s time for the school summer holidays! To help you save money on what you need this Summer, we’ve got a bountiful selection of deals, offers and vouchers on all things ranging from fashion to essentials to staycation deals and fun days out and attractions for the whole family. Save on all the tools you’ll need to make this summer break special.

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Summer has finally arrived, and so has the heat! With temperatures soaring and school out, now’s the perfect time to relax and embrace the holidays! Only question now is, what should you do? There’s certainly plenty on offer to do in the summer months, not only for kids but for all the family too! And who says you have to go abroad to enjoy a nice summer holiday! There’s plenty of places here that is perfect for the summer, such as Brighton Pier and Blackpool beach! That’s not all you need to keep in mind, you also need to know what exactly you should pack. There’s also a plethora of new summer fashion to indulge in. Fear not! Here are some of our solutions for taking full advantage of the summer!

How to book a cheap staycation – great destinations you might not have considered

With it being so hot here in the UK, it’s the perfect time to hit the beach! Areas like Brighton and Cornwall are perfect this time of year. Being resort cities, they’re perfectly suited to meeting the needs of UK holiday goers, with ample amounts of restaurants, gift shops and plenty of ice cream to serve the whole family. Brighton in particular is known for its piers, hosting a fairground with a collection of rides and attractions right on the seaside, perfect for a family outing! If the sea isn’t your taste and you’re looking to go on a great outing, the Lake District up north has amazing sights and can be an amazing outdoor experience for the family. There are also plenty of theme-parks with summer promotions such as Lego and Alton Towers! And if you still haven’t made up your mind on where to go, then why not try out on of the UK’s best kept holiday secrets: Somerset! Yes surprisingly, Somerset is one of the top locations this year thanks to the beautiful weather!

Cheapest way to entertain the kids on their school holidays

As mentioned above, a trip to the beach is always a go-to for summer frolics, especially with how hot it is now! A time out by the seaside is one of the perfect summer activities for kids. Enjoy a full day out on the sandy coast of Blackpool, build a sandcastle and much more! Though who says you need to go out all the way to Blackpool or Brighton to have a splash! Get a cheap inflatable pool and splash about in the summer heat! However, who says you need the water for kids to enjoy the summer? A multitude of museums and exhibits are free entry for children! Or for a trip on the wild side check out the zoo, where kids go free! Taking the Kids Out is a good resource for finding free events and attractions around the land, wherever you might be there's something for you. And if it’s too hot for the kids to handle, cinemas often offer a discount for children's tickets and students, so grab some popcorn and catch the new flicks!

Where to buy cheap sun cream, suitcases, holiday fashion

You’re almost able to enjoy your perfect staycation! Now all you’ll need are some essential supplies and you’ll be all set to go! Your first item of choice will definitely be sun cream. Getting burnt is not fun at all and sun cream is your go-to protection against those rays. However, I wouldn’t be so quick to head off to grab a branded bottle. A study has shown supermarket sun cream is equally effective as the big brand bottles! So definitely keep that in mind when you’re out shopping! For those staying away from home, you’re going to want a sturdy suitcase to store all your clothes and essentials when you travel! Speaking of clothes, major fashion brands such as Cath Kidston will be having clearance sales to promote their summer lines, so now is the time to get outfitted for summer!

Those were our top tips for getting ready for your an amazing summer break, though that doesn’t mean we’re short of amazing deals and offers on other holiday goodies! Take in our wide array of offers and vouchers on holiday experiences, locations and more above! Start now and get saving, Summer awaits!