Frequently Asked Questions

Are all discount codes on MyVoucherCodes real?

Yes, all discount codes on MyVoucherCodes are genuine. As the oldest discount code website in the UK, we've been helping customers save money since 2006 by developing close relationships with all of the retailers we have listed.Our Partnership team spend all of their days sourcing the best codes available. We have over 2500 different stores to choose from and tens of thousands of offers for you to use to save money. We want you to have the best experience possible so, to avoid disappointment at the checkout, always read the terms and conditions.

Why did the discount code I tried to use not work?

We know there is nothing more disappointing than getting to the checkout, having searched for a code, only for you to see the dreaded, "code cannot be used".

All discount codes listed on MyVoucherCodes are sourced by our Partnership team directly from the source and are guaranteed to be real. However, as with all great discounts, voucher codes have terms and conditions, which should always be checked prior to applying it at the checkout in order to avoid disappointment.

What should I do if the discount code I tried to use doesn't work?

Firstly, we are very sorry if you have experienced any disappointment while trying to use one of our discount codes. We understand that you spent valuable time looking for the code and when it hasn't work, that's really annoying.

If the code is still live, you should check the T&Cs of the offer. Some of the more common exclusions you might find could be, new customers only, limited dates or not to be used in conjunction with other offers.

If you've checked the T&Cs and believe that the code should have worked, please let us know, by completing the form on our contact us page. Please share as much detail as possible, including who the retailer was, which code you used, the date of your purchase and amount. This will help our team to investigate the issue.

Can I submit a discount code I find online to MyVoucherCodes?

Yes, you can. We're here to help you save money and we know our other customers would appreciate you spreading the saving love around.
To submit a code to us, please click here.

Can I use a discount code I get from one retailer on another retailer's website?

Sadly, discount codes can only be redeemed on the retailer site that has issued the code.

What is a Reward offer?

A Reward offer is one of the different types of offers available on MyVoucherCodes with the added special bonus that not only will you save when you make your purchase, but we're also giving you a gift card to thank you for shopping with us. As long as your purchase meets the terms & conditions of the offer, your reward will be with you in no time and you'll be able to make further savings...what could be better?

What is a Student offer?

A student offer is, as the name suggests an offer that is specifically intended for students to help them save money. We know how important it can be to need to save money with student fees and student loan etc so we are here to help. In order to unlock and use one of our student offers on MyVoucherCodes, you must have a student email account with the domain extension "".