How Much Does Shopping in the Reduced Section Save You?

With ever-growing food bills, how much does buying reduced items from the supermarket actually save you?

A shopping trolley with food inside of it in a supermarket aisle.
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We’ve all noticed it, food bills have skyrocketed, particularly over the last year or so. What would once buy you a full trolley or basket doesn’t seem to fill them as much as it once did. In January 2023, Richard Partington at The Guardian reported that UK food inflation had reached a staggeringly high 13.3% in December 2022. This was a new record high and these high levels of food inflation are expected to continue. Alongside this, the UK government reported that the UK annually wastes an estimated 10.2 million tonnes of food and drink a year, with 260,000 tonnes coming from retailers. Whilst targets have been set and apps such as Too Good To Go help reduce waste in localised areas, more needs to be done to reduce food waste.

So with record levels of food inflation and food waste, we could all do with a way to save and reduce food waste. One of the most popular and easiest ways to save on your weekly shop is to shop in the reduced section. Reduced sections are where supermarkets put foods that are close to approaching their use-by or sell-by dates and are normally marked with yellow stickers. The food is completely safe to eat and use as it’s still within date but it’s just approaching the point where the supermarket can no longer sell and they’re trying to minimise their losses. So while those yellow stickers can lead to savings, actually how good are the deals? Are some supermarkets’ reductions better than others? And do you get better deals depending on the type of product you’re purchasing?

Jordan Alexander
Food & Drink Editor

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