Which Supermarket Brand Is The Cheapest?

We examine which of the big supermarkets has the cheapest store brand products.

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Maintaining a balanced budget when shopping for essentials such as groceries is essential. One effective way to cut expenses is to choose the supermarket's brand products. Own brand items, or store or value brand products, are items produced or sourced by the supermarket, usually at a lower price than named brands. The packaging is often very simple to cut down on the costs and show the products as purely essential instead of flashy, pretty marketing.

Many own-brand products are of similar or even identical quality to named brands. Frequently, they even come from the same manufacturer but are labelled differently. Buying store-brand medicines, in particular, can lead to huge savings compared to named since medicines are highly regulated and contain practically the same ingredients. For example, ASDA 200mg ibuprofen tablets are priced at just 40p for 16 while a pack of 8 Nurofen 200mg ibuprofen tablets is £1.15, almost triple the cost for half the tablets at a similar dosage, so remember, always read the packet!

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Header Cell - Column 0 TescoSainsbury'sMorrisonsASDAALDIM&S/OcadoWaitrose
Baked BeansTesco beans: 0.50pSainsbury’s baked beans: 0.43pMorrisons Savers baked beans: 0.27pASDA baked beans: 0.50pEveryday Essentials Beans 0.28pM&S Baked Beans 0.50pEssential Baked Beans 0.55p
Tea BagsTesco Stockwell & Co 80 tea bags: 0.79pSainsbury’s Red Label 40 tea bags: 0.75pMorrisons Savers 80 tea bags 0.79pASDA Just Essentials 40 tea bags: 0.40pSpecially Selected English Breakfast Tea 50 bags £1.09M&S Fairtrade everyday 80 teabags £1.20Essential Original Blend 80 Tea Bags £1.10
CoffeeTesco Stockwell & Co instant coffee 100g: 0.99pSainsbury’s Costa Rican Freeze Dried Instant coffee: £2.09Morrisons Savers instant coffee 100g: 0.99pASDA Just Essentials instant coffee 100g: 0.99pAldi Alcafé dry roast instant coffee 200g £1.99M&S Rich Fairtrade Instant Coffee 100g £1.30Essential Rich Roast Coffee 100g £1.60
PastaTesco Hearty Food Co. penne pasta: 0.41pSainsbury’s Penne Rigate 500g: 0.75pMorrisons penne: 0.75pASDA Just Essentials pasta shapes: 0.41pAldi Cucina Penne 500g 0.75pM&S Penne Pasta 0.75pEssential Penne 500g 0.75p
CornflakesTesco Cornflakes: 0.75pSainsbury’s Cornflakes: 0.75pMorrison’s Cornflakes: 0.70pASDA Cornflakes: 0.85pHarvest Morn Corn Flakes 0.75pM&S Cornflakes 0.75pEssential Corn Flakes £1
BreadTesco H W Nevill's White Bread: 0.45pSainsbury’s Stamford Street Co. White Bread: 0.45pMorrisons Medium White Bread: 0.75pASDA Just Essentials White Bread: 0.45pEveryday Essentials Medium Sliced White Bread 0.45pM&S Super Soft White Sliced Bread 0.75pEssential White Medium Sliced Bread 0.75p
BiscuitsTesco Digestives: 0.70pSainsbury's Sweetmeal Digestives: 0.65pMorrisons Digestives: 0.71pASDA Digestive Biscuits: 0.70pBelmont Digestive Biscuits 0.55pM&S Digestive Biscuits 0.80pEssential Ginger Nuts 0.90p
LemonadeTesco Sparkling Lemonade 2L: 0.60pSainsbury's Lemonade 2L: 0.70pMorrisons Lemonade 2L: 0.70pASDA Lemonade 2L: 0.60pEveryday Essentials Diet Lemonade 2L 0.35pM&S 1L lemonade 0.95p x2 £1.90Essential Sugar Free Lemonade 0.70p
ParacetamolTesco Paracetamol: 0.39pSainsbury’s Paracetamol: 0.39pMorrisons Paracetamol: 0.39pASDA Paracetamol: 0.39pGalphram Paracetamol 0.39pGalpharm Paracetamol 500mg Caplets 0.65pEssential Round Paracetamol Tablets 0.60p
ShampooTesco Extracts coconut shampoo 0.85pSainsbury’s coconut shampoo 0.85pMorrisons 3 In 1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Shower Gel £1ASDA Just Essentials coconut shampoo 0.75pLacura Coconut Shampoo 500ml 0.79pHerbal Essences Dazzling Shine Shampoo £2Essential Daily Care Shampoo £1.75
ToothpasteTesco Essentials cavity protect toothpaste 0.50pSainsbury’s toothpaste 0.50pMorrisons Essentials Freshmint Toothpaste 0.50pJust Essentials fresh mint toothpaste 0.50pDentitex Fresh Breath Toothpaste 0.62Oral-B Toothpaste 1-2-3 , £1n/a
Toilet RollsTesco Luxury Soft Quilted Toilet Tissue 4 Rolls £1.79Sainsbury's Super Soft Toilet Tissue, Quilted x4 Rolls £2Morrisons Savers 6 Double Toilet Rolls £2.39Just Essentials 6 toilet rolls £2.39Saxon Softer Luxury Toilet Tissue 4 Pack £1.79Ocado Luxury Quilted Toilet Tissue £2.30Essential White Ultra Soft 4 Bathroom Tissues £2.50
Washing Up LiquidTesco Original Washing Up Liquid 0.69pSainsbury's Washing Up Liquid, Original, 0.60pMorrisons Savers Washing Up Liquid 0.55pJust Essentials washing up liquid 0.55pMagnum Original Washing Up Liquid 0.69pM&S Washing Up Liquid £1.50Essential Waitrose Washing Up Liquid 0.70p
Washing CapsulesTesco Non Biological Detergent Capsules 25 washes, £4.10Sainsbury's 3 In 1 Colour Laundry Capsules 16 Washes £2.75Morrisons Non-Bio Pods Laundry Washing Capsules 21 washes £3.70ASDA Tropical Capsules 20 Washes £3.25Almat Premium 4 In 1 Action Non Bio Laundry Capsules 20 Washes £3.49M&S 3 in 1 Non-Bio Laundry Capsules £6.50Essential Non-Bio Laundry Capsules 24 washes £4.10
Total Price£13.42£13.66£14.19£12.73£13.98£21£19.95
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