Which Supermarket Has The Cheapest Weekly Vegan Shop?

With growing concerns for climate change and natural resources, veganism is becoming more popular yearly. In this article, I examine which popular supermarket has the most value for money for vegans using the average weekly grocery budget.

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According to the Office of National Statistics and NimbleFins, the average single person's grocery spend is £34 per week. Using the £34 as a guideline, I filled baskets with everyday vegan products and necessities at some of the most popular supermarkets. All products here were listed on supermarket shelves and websites in the Vegan sections but always check the label. Prices can also vary depending on promotions. 

 It should also be noted that the prices below are without multibuy savings and brand sales because shoppers may not encounter the same deals.

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Everyday Item Shopping List
Dairy substitutes (Vegan milk, Yoghurt, Cheese, Butter)
Tea, Coffee & Biscuits
Pasta Sauce
Cornflakes (own brand)
Vegan frozen meat options (burgers, sausages, mince, nuggets)
Frozen Chips
Tinned goods (beans, soups, tomatoes, sweetcorn)
Cooking oil
Vegetables (Potatoes, carrots, onions, lettuce, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes)
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Dairy Substitutes£4.24
Silver Spoon Sugar£1.09
Morrisons medium white bread0.89p
Tea, Coffee & Biscuits£3.32
Whole-wheat fusilli pasta0.95p
Morrisons Tomato & Vegetable pasta sauce£1.09
Morrisons corn flakes£1.29
Frozen Foods£9.66
Tinned goods£4.36
Vegetable oil£1.99
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Dairy Substitutes£4.90
H.W Nevill’s white bread0.39p
Silver Spoon sugar 1kg£1.09
Tea, Coffee & Biscuits £2.28
Tesco wholewheat fusilli pasta0.95p
Tesco Chunky Vegetable Pasta Sauce0.95p
Tesco Cornflakes Cereal0.70p
Frozen Foods£9.80
Tinned goods£3.97
Tesco Pure Vegetable Oil 1L£1.99
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Dairy Substitutes£3.80
Just essentials white bread0.45p
Silver Spoon Granulated Sugar£1.09
Tea, Coffee & Biscuits£2.59
ASDA whole-wheat fusilli pasta0.95p
ASDA Tomato & Chunky Vegetable Pasta Sauce£1
ASDA Corn Flakes0.85p
Frozen Foods£10.10
Tinned goods£4.65
ASDA vegetable oil 1L£2
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Dairy Substitutes£5.95
Sainsbury's Soft Medium Sliced White Bread0.75p
Sainsbury's White Granulated Sugar 1kg£1.05
Tea, Coffee & Biscuits£3.94
Sainsbury's whole-wheat Fusilli £1.65
Sainsbury's Stir In Chargrilled Vegetable Pasta Sauce 150g £1.15
Sainsbury's Corn Flakes Cereal0.85p
Frozen Foods £11.10
Tinned goods£3.85
Sainsbury's Vegetable Oil 1L£1.99
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Dairy Substitutes £3.75
Aldi Everyday Essentials bread 0.39p
The Pantry Granulated Sugar 1kg£1.09
Tea, Coffee & Biscuits £3.53
Cucina whole wheat fusilli 0.79p
Cucina Chunky Mushroom Tomato Pasta Sauce0.89p
Harvest Morn Corn Flakes0.69p
Frozen Foods£6.42
Tinned goods£1.22
Solesta Vegetable Oil 1L£1.99
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